Leeds Boss – Dennis Wise – 1st Year Review

October 24th marks one year since Dennis Wise and Gus Poyet agreed to take over as the Leeds United management team at Elland Road.

Its fair to say that Leeds fans were very skeptical when chairman Ken Bates brought them in. Fear and paranoia were rife amongst a battered and bruised club support who were convinced that the ‘Chelsea’ connection was a conspiracy to oversee the final demise of our great club.

My initial reaction to Dennis’s appointment was one of cautious optimism. Whatever your opinion about Wise he has been successful where ever he has gone – as player and manager. He also has huge drive and fighting qualities which were desperately needed by a club sinking fast into the abyss.

The fact that the management team were unable to stop our relegation did put doubts in my mind that maybe the appointment was not going to work out. However, it is clear that the situation last season was impossible from the moment Dennis walked through the door. It was bad enough in the Premiership leaking 6 goals at Portsmouth, but shipping in 5 to Luton in the Championship? The woeful dressing room situation resulting from previous boss Kevin Blackwell’s reign was like a cancer. The club lurched from one crisis to another, from a mole with a leaked team sheet to a captain who asked to abandon ship.

Then followed the most horrendous summer in our or anyone elses history. It would have been so easy for Dennis and Gus to walk away on several different occasions. It was unclear, right up until the eve of the season, whether we would even have a team to support at Tranmere Rovers on the opening day. I remember going to the pre-season game at York thinking it might be our last ever game.

Therefore the blistering start the team have made this season under the most extreme circumstances is quite unbelievable. What a joy it is to be anticipating a possible win every week, after the seemingly endless torment of the last few years. Consecutive Manager of the Month awards speak volumes about the huge job Wise and Poyet have already done, and continue to do.

I for one will be raising a glass to Dennis and Gus. Well done lads, thank you for turning our great club around in the last 12 months.

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Highlights: Manchester United 0-5 Liverpool | Salah hat-trick stuns Old Trafford

Watch highlights of Liverpool’s sensational 5-0 victory at the home of Manchester United. Jürgen Klopp’s side produced an astonishing display to defeat their fierce rivals in Sunday’s Premier League contest.

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The History of the Everton Mint

For those of you who are not familiar with the Everton Mint, it is a black and white mint flavoured sweet with a delicious toffee centre. Everton is also a district of Liverpool in the United Kingdom and the name and home of a famous English football team; Everton F.C. Now, in the late 1800’s there was a sweet shop called ‘Ye Anciente Everton Toffee House’ which was owned by a lady called Old Ma Bushell. ‘Ye Anciente Everton Toffee House’ was situated near to the Queen’s Head Hotel in Everton. Old Ma Bushell created a sweet she called the Everton Toffee which she sold to people on their way to watch Everton F.C. play their football matches; this turned out to be hugely successful and popular among the Everton F.C. fans.

Unfortunately for Old Ma Bushell Everton F.C. moved to a different football stadium called Goodison Park. Goodison Park was situated very close to another sweet shop called ‘Mother Noblett’s Toffee Shop’. Mother Noblett realised there was a lucrative opportunity for her to sell her toffee’s to the Everton F.C. fans just as Old Ma Bushell had, however she could not use the name Everton Toffee as Old Ma Bushell had already patented it. To overcome the problem Mother Noblett invented a sweet which was a mint candy on the outside but with her toffee in the middle and named it the ‘Everton Mint’. Mother Noblett also had the idea to make her Everton Mints black and white which at the time was the colour of the Everton F.C. football kit. The combination of the name and the very well made toffee sweet helped to make the Everton Mint hugely popular amongst fans and locals.

Mother Noblett’s ingenuity did not stop there; she met with the Everton board and agreed with them that before each football match a girl would walk around the outside of the football pitch tossing Everton Mints to the crowd in the stands, free of charge! This helped make Mother Noblett and her Everton Mint the famous name it is today. Mother Noblett’s granddaughter was given the honour of being the first ‘Toffee Girl’ and this tradition stayed with Everton F.C. for many years even after Everton changed their football kit from black and white to royal blue.

Mother Noblett made such a success of her sweet and the crowd loved the ‘Toffee Girl’ so much that the club and fans decided to nickname the club the ‘Toffees’, a name which has stuck with Everton throughout it’s history and is still recognisable today.

Unfortunately not much is known of what happened to Old Ma Bushell or her ‘Everton Toffee’; however Old Ma Bushell must be given the credit for the initial idea of the Everton Toffee/Mint. Credit must also go to Mother Noblett for having the vision and the tenacity to take Old Ma Bushells idea and make it a big success. The Everton Mint now falls under the umbrella of sweet giant Barker and Dobson and with their help has managed to stay just as popular now as it was over 100 years ago.

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Highlights: Liverpool 4-0 Arsenal | Mane, Jota, Salah & Minamino net

Watch key highlights of the Reds’ dominant display against Arsenal in the Premier League.

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Arsenal FC: How Did It All Start?

Arsenal FC also known as ‘The Gunners’ is one of the most popular football club in England and in the World. With 13 Premier League title, 10 FA cups and an outstand record for being unbeaten for an entire season.

Arsenal Football Club was founded in 1886 in North London by the workers of the Woolwich arsenal, hence its name. The club got is current name in 1897. After a few financial difficulties at the beginning of the 20th century, Arsenal won its first premier league title in 1923, followed by a FA Cup final in 1930.

Arsenal’s most famous manager Arsene Wenger, was appointed in 1996. He brought new strategies, training methods as well as new players from overseas. Over the years, Wenger, who hold an economics degree and is fluent in 5 languages, has really given the dimension Arsenal has today. He lead the team to a League and Cup double in 1997-1998 and another Premier League title in 2001-2002. His major achievement was the Premier League title in 2003-2004, which was acquired without losing a single game. This record has still to be beaten.

Arsene Wenger has not only been a talented coach, but he has also helped the club to achieve financial profitability. Wenger is really good at spotting young talent, training them and selling them for a profit.

Arsenal is also famous for its Emirates Stadium. Since 2006, Arsenal FC has moved from Highbury, which had size restrictions to Ashburton Grove renamed Emirates Stadium. The move has offered huge opportunities to generate revenues from the audience, with a capacity of 60,355 seats.

Arsenal FC would have been nothing without its talented players. Thierry Henry is still the club’s top goal scorer with 226 goals in all competitions. The team has also had Ian Wright, Cliff Bastin, Robert Pires in its squad.

In 2011, Arsenal is currently 3rd in the Premier League at 2 points from Chelsea, the current leader. They have recently lost against Tottenham in the derby. Arsenal is also playing the Champions League and is top of its group. In 2011, Arsene Wenger has announced the club needs to win something, so there is a bit of pressure on the players.

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Highlights: Tottenham 2-2 Liverpool | Jota & Robertson score in all-action draw

Diogo Jota and Andy Robertson netted brilliant goals for Jürgen Klopp’s side, to earn a draw in the Premier League against Tottenham

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The Best Ways to Get Tickets For a FC Barcelona Football Game

FC Barcelona has Europe’s biggest football/soccer stadiums. Built in the 1950s, Camp Nou, or the New Camp has earned the fans of Barcelona the nickname of «Les Cules» – literally meaning «the arses» as the opposing supporters could see the back of the bums on seats of the loyal Barça fans from outside the stadium. Match day is a fantastic day out, especially against bitter rivals Real Madrid, or local derby matches against RCD Espanyol – indeed such is the draw of the venue, that the last world tour of U2 was performed here, due to the enormous capacity – around 99,000 people, with plans already approved to increase the capacity to 106,000. So how do I get to see a match, I hear you cry?! Well relax; there are some foolproof techniques you can employ before resorting to those ticket websites.

First of all, you can try the official website. Tickets go on sale approximately 2 weeks before match day, and you can be lucky and find seats this way. Alternatively, if you’re already in town, you can make your way down to the ticket office at the stadium – with such a high capacity, it’s rare for games to sell out – unless we’re talking about the previous fixtures of Real Madrid or a semi final in the Champions League, of course! However, this information is readily available on the website or any affiliate program of Barcelona. What I’m going to reveal are the tricks.

Season ticket holders to FC Barcelona can only ever give their ticket back to the club, or maintain that ticket with the surname. So many older generation season ticket holders, simply hold on to their relatives’ season tickets and sell on these seats on match day. Let me explain. Say my father and his 4 brothers were all season ticket holders, but of those 5 siblings, only 1 had children (me). I would renew those season tickets each year, due to their privileged location within the stands, and simply turn up 30 minutes before kick off each home game and sell on those tickets for face price, with the guarantee of having better view than the box office tickets and probably paying off my own season tickets from the profits by the end of the season. This is perfectly legal within the eyes of the club and the governing bodies of football, as long as money doesn’t change hands. So those clever OAP’s you see hanging around the metro station are the ones with the best tickets! The security guards at the turnstiles know the score, but as long as they haven’t seen money changing hands, then its fine by them. This is the best way to get tickets for the match, as you are effectively escorted in by the seller (you will sit next to them), so no security risks with regards fake tickets. It does however, have its risks in that if anyone sees you pay for the ticket, then you run the risk of losing your money and the ticket.

Tickets for matches are released to the general public after the FC Barcelona Members can buy them. You pay an annual subscription to the club if you can’t get a season ticket (based on my previous paragraph, you won’t be surprised to hear that the waiting list for a season ticket extends back to the 1970`s) and then have first refusal for the tickets before the public. In this way, many «touts» will buy up their share of the ticket allocation, often meaning they take all of the second tier seats in the stadium or the second best seats, after the season ticket holders. They then have a mark up of around 5 Euros per ticket, which for the majority of tourists is a steal, considering the better seat you will be able to get for this first time experience.

My final tip is again, not one that is well publicised and although this means that you don’t have the choice of the better seat allocation, it’s an official way of going about getting a ticket. You may be surprised to hear that ATMs or cash machines of the bank «La Caixa» also sell FC Barcelona tickets. The Catalan bank sells concert tickets, opera entrances and theatre stalls, so it’s no surprise to be able to find seats for the football, either. The reason why I left this tip for last is that due to the previous methods, the Cash point tickets are usually always the last to be sold, meaning you will have the cheapest seats (therefore be higher up in the stadium) which is not to put you off, as any seat in the stadium is well worth the price, but just so that you know you have various options. This option, for example, is great for larger groups who all want to stay together, as it means tickets can be bought in bulk – this way guaranteeing adjacent seating arrangements.

My last tip is to wrap up warm if you happen to go to a winter fixture! Although the winters in Barcelona are fairly mild, the height of the stadium coupled with its geographic location means that often the wind chill factor is very high within the stadium.

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Every angle of Takumi Minamino’s brilliant last-gasp equaliser for Liverpool

Watch as the Reds’ Japanese international finishes late in the game to equalise against Leicester City and send the Carabao Cup tie to penalties.

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Arsenal FC Season Review 2010-11

This season mirrored many others of the previous few seasons, as Arsenal again displayed beautiful stylish, flowing football and they produced some memorable nights at the Emirates Stadium, including the defeat of Barcelona in the Champions League group stage and an emphatic victory over Chelsea.

The optimism of the early season was short-lived as Arsenal again finished the season without a trophy, the Gunners finished in fourth place in the Premier League, which will now require them to qualify for next years Champions League group stages.

Like so many of the previous seasons in recent years, the Gunners season was full of promise and they looked certain to win their first trophy for six years when they faced a lowly Birmingham side at Wembley Stadium in the Carling Cup Final in February, but Arsenal were surprisingly defeated by a determined, tough tackling Birmingham side, who showed a resilience that Arsenal have sadly lacked over recent years. The defeat in the Carling Cup Final appeared to shock the team and their confidence evaporated, as their season finished with a whimper.

Even the most fervent Arsenal fan must now begin to question the policies and management of Arsene Wenger, who enjoyed so much success during his early season with the club. Failure to correct obvious problems within the central defence and a lack of tenacity within the team, took its toll as the season progressed. Many fans have refused to criticise the manager in previous seasons, but now most realists will admit that any criticism are justified.

Wenger has vowed to continue with the club’s policy of developing their own players and refusing to spend huge amounts in the transfer market, unlike many of their Premiership rivals. This decision will place the manager under huge pressure next season, with the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and even Liverpool set to spend large amounts on players during the summer months.

Arsenal are still credited with playing beautiful football and have continued with the development of several young players, including Jack Wilshere who is set to become a leading player for both club and country in the years to come. Wojciech Szczesny is proving that he has the talent to become the reliable goalkeeper that Arsenal have been seeking for several seasons.

Arsenal’s activity in the transfer market this summer will be closely watched, failure to make the right signings could be a defining moment for their manager, as the fans who pledge their allegiance to the manager and display banners around the stadiums reading «In Arsene we trust» they may finally lose patience.

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'They Will Make it Tricky For Us' – Klopp FULL Pre-Match Press Conference | Leicester vs Liverpool

The Liverpool Boss has spoken to the press today to preview the fast-approaching fixture with Leicester City away at The King Power Stadium tomorrow evening.

Liverpool faces Leicester only last week in the Carabao Cup but is seems that the Reds will be making wholesale changes from that game with the bulk of the regular starters having quite a nice break.

Here’s what Jurgen Klopp had to say:

00:15 – Fabinho, Jones, Van Dijk & Thiago back. ‘1 young player & 2 staff’ now isolating
01:00 – Liverpool not playing on Boxing Day, was this preferred by the manager?
03:00 – Salah, Keita & Mane potentially available for Chelsea on 2nd Jan
03:45 – Leicester & the challenge they pose ‘it will be tricky for us’
04:40 – How it is to be a manager in the current climate
07:40 – The academy set up and the great talents and characters this club is producing (with reference to Carabao Cup Leicester game)
10:23 – Klopp on potential opportunity for 5 substitutes to return
14:50 – The atmosphere for Leicester in the Carabao Cup last week
16:00 – Boxing Day 2019 game against Leicester ‘one of our best away performances’

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