Final UCL 2003 AC Milan vs Juventus – English Commentary – All Goals and Highlights

Champions League 2002-2003
Old Trafford (Manchester)
May 28, 2003
5 Penalties Missed, AC Milan Wins Italian Derbi in Champions League Final.
In the classic first ever Champions League final between two Italian League clubs, AC Milan beat Juventus on a thrilling penalty shootout.

On May 28, 2003, the Champions League final held a duel between Juventus and AC Milan at Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester.

This classic duel is historic as it is the first derby between two Italian League clubs in a Champions League final.

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  1. I'm so mandela affected by this final, I vividly remember it being between AC Milan and Inter Milan when I was growing up 😭😂 and I'm a United fan from Manchester so I paid a lot of attention to this game since it was the first and only champions league final played in our stadium. It was exactly the same result in my memory, 0-0 and going to penalties. But the colours of Juve and Milan in white just look so off in my mind, the memory of red vs blue and the anticipation of a Milan derby feels very strong on a deep level. I also remember the game being a lot more boring, it felt like a huge disappointment at the time considering it was a Milan derby. I don't remember there beng this many exciting chances 😵 anyone else from my timeline? 😅

  2. for 2002, look where the goalkeepers went beyond the goal line during the penalty spot and now what

  3. 3 Things that are certain in life.

    1.) Death
    2.) Taxes
    3.) Juventus losing a Champions League Final

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  5. Quien diría que 2 décadas después el Milán estaría a 6 Copas del Real Madrid, en 2003 estaban a 2.

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