Why Inter Milan MUST Win The Champions League! | Explained

Hello and welcome back to our Explained series where today we are looking at the situation facing Inter Milan.

With a Milan Derby to look forward to in the Champions League semi finals and a Coppa Italia final to look forward to on the face of it, things look rosy for Simeone Inzaghi’s men. But behind the scenes, things are far from normal with the Nerazurri under huge financial pressure to win the Champions League. With the club up against it in their efforts to qualify through the League and with a €275m loan to repay in 2024, the project could be about to fall apart.

Factor in that numerous stars are out of contract, one of their most sellable assets Milan Skriniar is leaving on a free transfer and their new stadium is no closer to getting off the ground and the pressure is on for the likes of Romelu Lukaku, Lautaro Martinez and Nicolo Barella to deliver in this game.

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49 opiniones en “Why Inter Milan MUST Win The Champions League! | Explained”

  1. Hope inter can do it.. feel like this will be their last opportunity for a while.. City and real will be back!

  2. it makes me so happy to see italian football make such a prominent return, growing up serie a was by far the best and most attractive league with the best teams and players in the world. seeing the calcio be so competitive this season with so many teams fighting for champions league, napoli winning it, both milan clubs in the ucl semis and juve looking like making a return to their best next season. i hope the league can keep hold of their stars and continue to improve 🇮🇹

  3. Exactly why would anybody but Inter fans care about their financial troubles? And why would you make this ridiculously biased video in the first place? From their perspective, each of the four remaining clubs MUST win the Champions League, regardless of whether they're rich or broke. As an AC Milan fan, I find this kind of content from a supposedly impartial channel revolting.

  4. Imagine if, after spending millions and millions the oil money clubs PSG and Man City don’t win UCL while either AC Milan or Inter win it this year spending waaay less

  5. I would rather them go into the final and then get thrashed to oblivion by Man City… Maybe Haaland can finally get his double hattrick

  6. Anyone other than city should win it , as a liverpool fan that is theonly thing we have left to banter city about

  7. I havent watched the whole video, but most people just buy the lies they read in newspapers. Inter Milan are really badly managed. For Instance, Skriniar could have been sold for 80 million euros last year, Zhang refused and now he is leaving for free. We dont have financial problems, we just have really poor management. years ago they stated that they need to sell a superstar because we needed 70 million euros. We sold Hakimi which was supposed to be enough, but we also sold Lukaku for more than 100 millions euros which wasnt needed. And they still stated that we were struggling financially. Now we are in the UCL semi finals, which means we made lots of money thanks to players like dzeko,Mkhitarian,Barella that were really cheap. And guess what. We still need money. Zhang is using Inter to make huge profits for his privates businesses. I am not complaining because we havent been in a UCL semi final in 13 years. But stop believing everything you read.

  8. Series A at 90's were best Milan were like
    Madrid/barça of these days Inter has R9 and zamorona and juventus had zidane

  9. Well inter are really good in knockout competitions and when my friend asked me who I think will win the champions league I somewhat jokingly said inter. But tbh I do believe inter will beat city in the final of the champions league. If I'm right make sure to come back to this if I'm wrong you can also come back but I probably won't acknowledge your comment😂😂

  10. As an Inter fan i want to thank you for how you kindly talked about my favourite team but I can assure you that we are not a team that can win a champions league final actually, because unfortunately City and Real Madrid are much more stronger than we actually are. But I really appreciated this video that you posted and produced with clinical precision. Love you mate from Italy 🇮🇹💙🇬🇧

  11. Man thank you very much for your hard work in the video. But at 5:07 the man in the picture is the previous president Thoir 😅 not the father (Jindong) of president Steven Zhang

  12. Their troubles and loans go so deep, how will winning just 1 Champions League change that? They would need deep runs 3-4 years in a row, which Inter haven't done since the 1960s. I mean, we are talking here about a club needing to hang onto the coattails of AC Milan hoping their rivals will help them fund the refurbishment of San Siro because they can't do it alone.

  13. I hope they can win, but they have 1% chance to win it 😊 even if they win against Milan, they have to face Real Madrid 😱 or Manchester City 🥲

  14. The Skriniar deal was a disgrace. 70 million gone from pure ineptitude, having said that why go from Inter to PSG other than ridiculous wages , an average league and a dysfunctional side full of divas.


  16. When I said about Inter in early of January (before draw of Round of 16) for Inter in AfterSports Cafe, you @Euro Football Daily was changing pants!

  17. as a nerazzurro, the situation in critical. We’ve been like the richest team in Italy and in top 5 in Europe back in 2019, bought lukaku, sanchez, hakimi, eriksen, antonio conte with 12 mln salary (25 with taxes) , we won a deserved scudetto but covid had destroyed all. Chinese government cannot allow Zhang to spend money in football because they don’t consider football as a necessary effort. But we are still competitive, i mean the work has been good after all, we hit a semifinal on UCL, won couple of trophies after years of nothing, i mean this must be the ordinary. But like all the inter fans i clearly know that for the next 2-3 years we’re gonna sell every big name buying none. This is ashamed as one of the biggest clubs in the world, but is how it is, we’re gonna always support our colors. Forza Inter🖤💙

  18. The amout of fake news in this video are beyond embarassing. The peak is when salaries are mentioned, like everyone during pandemic postopend the payments…

  19. I just want the world to realize how good Barella is, for me top 3 in his position in the world at the moment, soo complete

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