Who Are AC Milan's New Owners? | Explained

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After averaging 6th place finishes between 2012 and 2020, the Rossoneri are back where they belong, holders of the Italian title and riding high with an impressive, young squad, and poised to make a splash in the Champions League once again. But now the club has been sold to American investment firm RedBird Capital, and many are wondering whether the team built by Paolo Maldini and Ivan Gazidis will continue to thrive with the plan which has brought stars like Leao, Tomori, Tonali, and Bennacer to Milan, or whether it will return to the chaos of 5 years ago.

On today’s EFD Explained, we look at the club’s path to this point, and RedBird’s plans for the future. Let us know how you think Pioli and co will fare under new ownership in the comments.






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35 opiniones en “Who Are AC Milan's New Owners? | Explained”

  1. When I first started learning about European football thanks to fifa 09 with ronaldinho in his Ac Milan shirt, although I’m a barça fan I can’t help but to love seeing AC Milan back at the top of Italian football

  2. Im an American and Ive been an AC Milan fan for over 2 decades. I was fortunate enough to see the tail end of Berlusconi's ownership of AC Milan. Ive unfortunately seen one of the lowest points in Milan's history during these last 2 decades and was thrilled to see us lift the Scudetto again last season. However, nothing I have heard from RedBird has made me reassured about the path Milan is taking with the new ownership.

    The problem I have been seeing with these takeovers is that the people buying them aren't like Berlusconi or Abramovich. They aren't fans, they are business people. Even FSG is like that but they are more of an exception than the rule in terms of sustaining the club's success. Berlusconi bought Milan as a fan and showed it. Abramovich bought Chelsea and was willing to lose money to see the club grow and invested in the academy to be one of the top academies in the world.

    The RedBird group just want to make money and with making money comes cutting costs and hence wages. When you cut wages you don't get the best players. Yes they're saying all the right things with wanting to build a new stadium but don't be fooled by the smoke and mirrors. Milan's success is entirely reliant on Maldini, Massara and Pioli. The investment group are not interested in the team, they're interested in the revenue stream. One can argue that if you make the team successful you can make money, however, if there is no interest from the owners, the success won't come. As an AC Milan fan, Im hoping to be proven wrong but the track record isn't that great.

  3. Knock knock…ehm yeah it’s me A.C. Milan. I’m back! 🔴⚫️♦️♣️❤️♠️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. I've always had a soft spot for Italian football. Late 90s and early 00s was when I became a diehard football fan. More Serie A content please

  5. I think milan is building a new stadium rather than renovating san siro since the mayor of milan technically owns it still.

  6. As an Indian, I would just like to inform all Milan fans that Rajasthan Royals is one of the shittiest team in IPL.
    So, I guess that's not a good sign, right🤔

  7. I do not know where you got the "San Siro Renovation" nonsense. It is well known that the management have been trying to build a new stadium for years.

  8. On the downside, the same group hardly invests in the team when required. E,g Liverpool and their unwillingness to replace the old heads in the team.

  9. I just hope the recruitment stays on the same path—discovering talents like Kalulu and Tomori and buying them for cheap (relatively, for Tomori), rather than big money gambles that eat up our budget and wage structure. We've done that before, and Juve have done it recently—we can't afford to do it again. I'd much rather a longer and more stable approach, and credit to Pioli and Maldini & co for creating an environment where young players can thrive.

  10. What is that thumbnail?? FSG do not own the New York Yankees! FENWAY (home of the Boston Red Sox) Sports Group also owning the Yankees?? Thats would be like Man Utd's Glazers also owning Liverpool! Or if Barcelona and Real Madrid had the same owners!

  11. After Liverpool, probably the strongest team is Rajasthan Royals, they are like minnows who crush gaints when you let them play. They even won the first tittle and regular come to Semis of IPL, hope they can do that to Milan too

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