How Stefano Pioli TRANSFORMED AC Milan Into Title Winners! | Explained


Stefano Pioli has never won a major trophy in nearly 20 years of management at 14 separate clubs. But with AC Milan on the brink of a historic Serie A crown, that could all be about to change. Beat Sassuolo and the title is theirs. Should that happen, it will mark an extraordinary turnaround for both Pioli and Rossineri, who have had much to prove together.

So how has the Italian turned Milan into title challengers? In our latest Euro Football Daily Explained, we look at his calming impact on the squad, and see how he managed to lift the mood at San Siro following the disastrous reign of Marco Giampaolo as coach.

We marvel at his quality work in the transfer market, alongside the astute Paolo Maldini, plus explore the results and players that have made Milan a major force once more.

Shout out to EuroExpert_ for his work on the script!






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47 opiniones en “How Stefano Pioli TRANSFORMED AC Milan Into Title Winners! | Explained”

  1. To be honest, I was one of these Milan fans who were doubting Stefano Pioli, but I didn't like Rangnick either….
    Pioli shocked the whole Milan world with his managing skills …
    About 75% of Milan supporters didn't like it when Pioli took over

  2. Frank Kessie forgot one important thing, what is it? He forgot that what made him a great player was AC Milan. Will there be Sheva, Kaka, Dollaruma, Chalhanoclue next?? who ruined his game when he left the club that made him great

  3. I hope Milan can somehow win Champions league so Ibra can get the Champions league trophy and end his carrer on top

  4. We all have witnessed Ralf R. exploits with Manchester United. Football isn't played on paper but rather on the field. Credit to the entire team. Pioli's on fire 🔥

  5. They were winning close games, but at the end they won in style, scoring 3 quick goals. The final matchday couldn't have been more different between Serie A and PremierLeague.

  6. Waste of a video. The answer is Maldini chose to bring in winners like Zlatan and to a lesser but still significant degree Kjaer, Giroud, etc. Pioli just kept the ship steady while Ibra and Maldini made the team winners.

  7. Amazing that Pioli was as good as sacked a few years ago, with Milan pretty much settled on appointing Rangnick. That fell through, Pioli kept the job, continued to improve and wins the league. Meanwhile Rangnick does his best Mr Magoo impersonation and is responsible for some of the worst United performances seen for about 30 years. I think Milan might just have made the right decision.

  8. So what you’re telling me is Italians hate black people so much but without those players they wouldn’t have done half as well🤣

  9. As an inter fan, this yr is a much deserved scudetto to milan. We dropped the ball last summer and milans recruitment has been far more advanced than ours with the right balance of youth and experience. We could have and should have won but we grew complacent. Sorry to any fellow inter fans that will be pissed at me saying this. The best way for any team to improve is to recognise failures head on.

  10. it was more cuz of ibra than pioli, if ibra dint came he would be as bad as montellas a milan fan, ibra united the team

  11. Wow, why use Zlatan as the old Milan picture there, thats rather insulting, they have been on the rise since he came and he has been excellent for them over the time he was there.

  12. As a Barca fan I have to say that after Barca my favourite Team is Milan. The passion of their fans, the elegance of the club and even just the aura is just magnetic

  13. That fact that this English Football channel doesn't give us enough praise makes me glad I watch Serie A. Change your name to English football

  14. Not to mention that Pioli's performance this season rivals with the performance of the best DTs that Milan had in it's history, such as Capelo and Anchelotti, which is not a small fit.

  15. Still haven’t wrapped my head around how Havertz made it onto the transition slide that says EFD:Explained with those other great players

  16. Im happy we didn't do what every club does this days.Just sell club and spend all money on transfers.We built a young team and i hope we keep getting better

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