AC Milan vs Manchester United 2-7 (agg) Highlights & Goals – Round of 16 | UCL 2009/2010

AC Milan vs Manchester United 2-3 Highlights & Goals – 1st Leg Round of 16 | UCL 2009/2010
Manchester United vs AC Milan 4-0 Highlights & Goals – 2st Leg Round of 16 | UCL 2009/2010


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28 opiniones en “AC Milan vs Manchester United 2-7 (agg) Highlights & Goals – Round of 16 | UCL 2009/2010”

  1. Just look at the will power of whole man united squad, and tbh park was very underrated. He could play any position as Fergie wanted to play. Top class.

  2. Why is the edit like this? Is it because of copyright or was it done by AI, the amount of cuts and the timing make it unenjoyable

  3. Gary Neville could cross a ball better than practically anyone Man Utd have signed since sir Alex retired. (Cristiano, Ibra some exceptions)

  4. I am surprised to see Thiago Silva on the lineup. This is impressive as this is 12 years ago and he is still playing.

  5. It saddens me Rooney is not really remember for how much of a beast he really was. Unfortunately he was just one of those players that had a early prime, he kind of lost that aggression over time after he had a family which was so important in his game. His last few years at Manchester United gave him a bad sendoff. If we were a ruthless club, the board and manager would probably move him on probably the latest after David Moyes season because he really showed he started to drop off at this point. This way he'd of been given a way better send off, and his last years at the club would be incredible.
    One of the best players in the world in his prime, especially that 09/10 season before he got injured.

  6. Someone said that season Rooney never scored headers. So he went on and scored a load of headers. Unreal

  7. And I like how this Ukrainian commentator who comments this match after many years in replay trying to pretend that its so unexpected for him OH, HE SCORES😝😝😝

  8. I was 16 and I remember that season and Utd's rounds vs Milan and Bayern CLEARLY, what a tragedy in Old Trafford with that Nani's red card…. Dear…

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