How Paolo Maldini RESURRECTED AC Milan! | Explained

Hello and welcome back to EFD Explained where today we are profiling the man behind Milan’s resurgence as a footballing force, Paolo Maldini.

Not satisfied with being considered one of the greatest players of all time and gazing at his 5 Champions League winners medals, Maldini has set about transforming Milan in his role as Technical Director. Targeting younger, hungrier players, the Rossoneri have built a squad the envy of world football which seem to be establishing Milan as an Italian powerhouse once again.

How did he do it and what are his secrets? This video aims to answer both…

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37 opiniones en “How Paolo Maldini RESURRECTED AC Milan! | Explained”

  1. How fu*ked up is milan…. They didn't anything to improve the team for 12 years!!!! And after Maldini changed that they're not even making an effort to make Maldini a permanent appointment

  2. Liverpool fan here and it’s great to see Milan back to the top level. A lot of respect for this club and all the players its had over the years (Kaka was a personal favorite)

  3. My favourite Italian and Italian footballer of all time,which is funny as my late ex was Italian and did more for me than Paolo would 😄

  4. hannop regalato un scudetto a questa società , con una squadraccia da 4 / 5 posto, solo in Italia fanno queste cose, aiutati a vincere da tutti , tv, giornalisti, arbitri, piccole società come : sassuolo, lazio,atalanta, verona, ecc. era tutto segnato ci provano da 2 anni (anno scorso con il massimo di rigori assegnati in 1 anno ), adesso sono riusciti solo perche Inter ha sbagliato 2 partite invece a questi le facevano vincere. CHE SCHIFO ,ma squadra piu debole a vincere uno scudetto .

  5. "It seems unlikely that Milan will end their wait for silverware this season"

    Mate, we need an update to this video. 🤣

  6. As an italian milanista, i have to say your vid is very accurate and complete.

    Greetings from the Champions of Italy 🏆

  7. AC Milan were the BEST team in the world ever in the days of Maldini and Berlusconi.
    I remember when the destroyed Barcelona and Real Madrid in the Final. No team comes close. And they are the only team to have won every international trophy, Real still miss one of them.

  8. How satisfying is this to watch this at this moment, especially the part around 8:50, "suggesting the gap will widen etc." well everyone, may I say we're the Champions of Italy, grande AC Milan!
    Sempre Milaaaaaan ❤️🖤❤️🖤

  9. dude's strategy paid off. smart youth signings, loans and salary management. right blend of vets kept on, and boom, he got what city and PSG spent millions on

  10. If AC Milan can go through a period of massive decline and come back to lifting the scudetto, I have hopes for Manchester United

  11. this is definition of legend where the mouth mind and effort is where his heart is unlike the so call legends/pundits for Manchester United

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