Stevie Nicol had an EPIPHANY that the Premier League title race is DONE | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew react to Liverpool’s 2-1 win over Aston Villa and the Premier League title race between Liverpool and Manchester City.

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47 opiniones en “Stevie Nicol had an EPIPHANY that the Premier League title race is DONE | ESPN FC”

  1. Real Madrid went through Chelsea with ease in the first game.. and if Stevie says that Real Madrid has way worse quality than Liverpool then why is he even worried about some Chelsea?? It should be an easy cruise for his side. So basically he is admitting that Liverpool is more less the same quality as Real.

  2. Man city play scintillating football. The way they play and pass the ball is unbelievable unlike Liverpool who just SPRINT.

  3. Stevie most of City defence injured. West Ham away wolves away then Gerrard home. Not quite over yet
    Oh and Liverpool have 0-7 Southampton away. Hope not but Liverpool can still win it.

  4. Stevie is such a casual. One moment he says Liverpool are winning the quadruple and running over the Madrid . The next he says Liverpool have lost the title race with 2 games to go.

  5. City will draw with wolves and lose at Villa.
    I’m a time traveler from the future and they don’t want me to tell you this.
    I’m joking it was a great run in let’s go for the title next year

  6. Why does everyone keep going on about the goal difference? Man City's win made it 4, Liverpools made it 3, if Man City lose tonight it will be no more than 2.

  7. I though Stevie could add up. Of course it’s possible still! City still have to get at least 6 points and pressure does strange things.

  8. Stevie Nicol can't always be right. He never was. Y'all keep predicting, Liverpool keep putting in the hard work and make the most out of each game. Fight until the end!

  9. This Liverpool side looks like they crack easily under pressure and lack precision, vision and quality.

    They need 2-3 quality players to stand a chance against City next season.

    3 suggested signings are Harry Kane (for his precise finishing, vision and quality), Madrid’s Federico Valverde (for his extra work rate and as Gigi’s replacement) and maybe Dani Olmo (for his shooting accuracy should in case a team decides to defend with low block like Tottenham). With all due respect to Naby Keita, he can move on. He’s a flop signing and lacks concise quality and vision.

    And as for the league, unless, something miraculous happens, City can start popping the champagne. City will beat Wolves by 0-2, draw West Ham (1-1) and beat Aston Villa (3-0)

  10. City beat Wolves and West Ham it’s over.Which will help Liverpool to rest all the top players for Saints and Wolves games.Ready for CL

  11. We all know after the eu ropean cup games every opponent wants to catch by the mistake and they were preparing with massive power to take that point from favourites.
    I'd say city will also drop points from the rest of matches.

  12. Stevie's also forgotten that when Liv win things, they have to do it in the most difficult and dramatic way possible! You never know..

  13. i'm not sure why people are having a go at stevie as its not as if its in our hands like if we win all our games we will the league stevie is being realistic because he doesn't believe the other teams are good enough to cause upsets against city – thats not losing belief in liverpool

  14. Klopp knows how to play the mind game and Gerhard fell into the trap. Instead of going there for a point he did'nt want to be critised by Klopp so he went for three pointS and came away with A FAT ZERO.

  15. I hope City to lose against Wolves West Ham and Liverpool win against Southampton and Wolves then Liverpool win the PL plus city have to play without Dias Stones which gives advantage to both Wolves and West Ham since both are fighting for Europa League spot obviously they have to win

  16. The best moment for me was the delight and joy , of the child on his dad's shoulders ,as liverpool's second goal hit home , absolutely , spot on

  17. As a Liverpool supporter Steve nicol just failed big time. Always throw in the towel before it’s done! How do you ever played for Liverpool with such mentality?

  18. City needs to drop points for 2 matches for Liverpool to overtake them. So sorry but City can order the Champagne 🍾 🥂

  19. I think there is still something in it. City are very strong favourites but it ain't over as of today. If city beat wolves and west ham then its done.
    Goal difference can be overcome. All liverpool want is city to lose a game. City has +3 GD more than liverpool currently. if they lose against wolves then it would be cut down to at least +2. Then liverpool play Southampton and you could back them to score 3 or 4 there especially knowing when they have to. City on the other hand have west ham. You could see that being a more tighter game. And it all going to final day.
    So all liverpool should hope for right now is a city loss preferably against wolves if not then definitely against west ham. There are things that need to align if liverpool are to win the title. Unlikely but definitely not impossible

  20. As much as I dislike ManCity… it's over! They have a superior goal difference so even if they lose Liverpool would need to score plenty. Plus do we expect Wolves/West Ham/Villa to give them a test? Not sure.

  21. "there's more to life than shepherd's pie" – yeah, there's cottage pie, come on. Also, yeah, the draw against Newcastle basically ended things in EPL terms, it was a long shot anyway; it'd take some sort of disaster for Man City to not win it now, there's nothing interesting here any more which is why the press aren't talking about City.

  22. Nicol can bet his money on City, but he should not bet his life. The goal difference is not insurmountable, so it's not over.

  23. Jon Moss did everything in his power to help Liverpool get 3 points and Klopp is still complaining against Conte's tactics instead of owning up to his own coaching ineptitude.

  24. If LiVARpool,Real Madrid Owners
    Conspired European Super League
    If win by VAR Mistakes/Favors

  25. Not sure what Steve is on about here!!! ManCity have nearly lost their entire backline for the rest of the season, surely they will slip further!!! 👍

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