Aston Villa 1-2 Liverpool | The Final Whistle

Aston Villa 1-2 Liverpool | The Final Whistle

Ross and Chris give their immediate thoughts on Liverpool’s 2-1 win against Aston Villa, where goals from Joel Matip and Sadio Mane gave The Reds a massive 3 points to keep up the pressure on Man City!



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32 opiniones en “Aston Villa 1-2 Liverpool | The Final Whistle”

  1. I remember saying back when Matip was adjusting to the physicalities of the Prem & Klopp's demands on his players, how vital a 6ft 5" German-Speaking defender would be to our team when most were demanding his sale. I really like Matip. He's been No-Nonsense since day-one. Loves the team & becomes a bigger part of it every match. Can't believe how cheap our best back 4 was. Only VVD cost us anything significant & his transfer fee looks smaller every season. In comparison Maguire's been an absolute joke.

    Not exactly a concrete business decision.

    'Did you see what I just did with my head?'

  2. Typical scallies to moan about ref decisions after that display by Merseyside moss!!
    Definitely bought to keep title race “alive “

  3. 03:42s really liked this comment. Being a fan is also about willing something that has not happened into existence.

    People go to games to see a good or great game of football, and Koppites support LFC to see a good or great team. Yes, the worst can happen, but being a fan is largely about believing and hoping for the best and still being proud of Liverpool.

    I still believe with my heart and think with my head this will be an exceptional season!


  4. Chris’ speech was Churchillian!!! I was ready to March and storm the gates after his powerhouse speech!!!

  5. If we've learnt anything being Liverpool fans is this club never does it the easy way… I'm hoping for a miracle but proud as can be either way. This team is jus amazing 🙌

  6. If the title is lost, this happend not with city, chelsea and tottenham, it happend with brighton, leicester and brentford

  7. Matip is better than Konate.
    Better passer into the midfield, a real threat, and solid as a rock defensively.

  8. Well said Chris this is the best Liverpool side I've ever seen and I've watched the Red's from 1977…up the wonderful Red's YNWA

  9. Who cares if someone says that they think the league is done or not. People are free to say what they want.

  10. Unfortunately there's nothing that Klopp or Liverpool have done in my lifetime that will lead me to believe Liverpool can win the league. I personally think we lost it when we couldn't beat Man city. But this is still the best Liverpool team I've ever seen and winning the treble will put is down in history as one of the best ever English sides. Hopefully next season we get our revenge on City

  11. If I had the choice I’d have preferred to drop points this game to keep Fabinho fit
    Personally feel a bit deflated and I’m praying he’s fit for Madrid

  12. Bang on Lads, its not done until mathematically done, wolves and west ham aint no pushovers and are playing well! We live in hope

  13. Losing Fabinho could be catastrophic in what is very likely to be a meaningless game. Milner should have started. Flogging players when we have two cup finals is madness. If you are to play Fabinho in league games then play him with the strongest midfield (not that that should happen). By playing him with Jones and Keita you are doubling the workload, thus increasing the strain on his body. There’s a thin line between optimism and stupidity, and while it’s great to be optimistic there are times (such as this game) when being cautious with players is smart…playing crucial players three days after a slog when they should have six days rest before a final is bleedin silly.

  14. I don’t get the hype around Curtis Jones – bang average player doesn’t have a long term future . Just because he is a scouser doesn’t make him gods gift to football like Paul will have you believe !!

  15. Just a comment to people who say the league is over. 50 years ago Derby won the league. I believe they had finished their games and were on holiday in Spain with both liverpool and man city able to overtake them if they won their final game. Push comes to shove and neither managed it Derby winning the league. So please believe until it is impossible.

  16. Yes chris! I totally agree. The league ain’t over til it’s over. It must be a coping mechanism to just say ‘well that’s the league gone’

  17. This was a brilliant comeback by sheer will, a little bit concerned about the last 10 minutes, some players looked dead on their feet

  18. I agree with what you're saying, anything is possible with this Liverpool team. But realistly are man City going to drop enough points for us to win this league? Don't get me wrong nothing would make me happier to see it. I just can't see it happening

  19. League's done. We're finished. Everything is shit. The centre cannot hold. There is no god. Stop the world, I wanna get off. 😂

  20. As a Villa fan I really do wish Liverpool do win the quadruple because they actually deserve it. Always believing, the mentality of the team is unreal especially playing every 2-3 days fair play to them. The league is not over I still do believe Liverpool can win the league.

  21. Funny how Chris tells us not to say Liverpool isn't gonna win the league because it pisses off other people. Bro same thing can be said to their lot. Just like you don't wanna hear us whining we don't wanna hear you go on about winning the league either. Either way If it happens it happens. if you think I'm annoying you you're annoying me.

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