Aston Villa 1 Liverpool 2: Reaction | Talking Reds Live

Reacting to Liverpool’s win over Aston Villa last night at Villa Park and discussing Sadio Mane’s future. Harriet Prior hosts John Gibbons.

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36 opiniones en “Aston Villa 1 Liverpool 2: Reaction | Talking Reds Live”

  1. Just going to enjoy going for fa cup and champions league, City aren’t dropping points never mind enough for us to win it, they can see it out, already shown they can do it, still got a potential treble on the table

  2. Draw with wolves Conner Coady, free beer for life
    Lose to West Ham , West ham finish Europa league AGAIN !
    Draw with Villa , heart broken already Villa claw back a deficit, Players know how to have a very happy boss

  3. Apparently Neil Atkinson placed the Villa game ahead of the cup final. Mental. We’ve now lost Fabinho for the next 3 games and he’s in a race to be fit for Paris. It’s poor management from Jürgen as he’s flogging the players when key men (Fab especially) need to be protected. Thiago and Henderson it should be Wembley (and if they come thru that) then Paris. That’s it. Knowing Jürgen he’ll have them play every game and it’ll be Tyler Morton in Paris. It’s really naive management.

  4. From 0:2 down to win at Villareal
    From 0:1 down to draw Spurs
    From 0:1 down to win at Villa
    Mentality monsters – WE BELIEVE !!

  5. It's like when you give your mate 30 points lead at the start of a frame of snooker. We give Stevie a head start and then took all 3 points. Credit to Villa, they really had a go!

  6. As soon as we scored the second, they were giving it the 'Sign On' shite…Wonder if Gerrard will call it out? Ffs, Brum has an unemployment problem too, Fuckin gobshites, the lot of them!

  7. Hendo did look good in that role. I actually worry about fab vs Chelsea, there midfield always seems too quick for him, might be a bit of a blessing in disguise even though I think he’s incredibly important to us in the main.

  8. Imagine coming on here clicking ‘comment’ and writing anything even remotely negative. Astonishing really.

  9. Salah’s body language isn’t good at the moment. As for Mane – he’s the best forward we’ve had since Klopp arrived.

  10. Has Salah been cloned, Mane and Diaz completely carrying the Lad post AFCON. Revenge against Madrid, in your dreams mate, you can't even score against Villa. Don't jinx the Champions League finial yeh fucker, cos looks like Fabinho is out for both finials now!! Tiredness and Fatigue all over the pitch, too many games !!! The bubble seems to have burst at the worst possible time – YES pessimism – I'm Sorry !

  11. Is it not timely that in particular SKY start transfer rumours pre cup final typical attempt to disrupt LFC . I’m predicting pre CL FINAL everyone will be linked with everybody F Sky and all who sail in her .

  12. Good morning from Tampa! Boys put a shift in & snagged the 3 points! Looking forward to heading over next week to play IPO at the Cavern Pub & Club 5/21 & 5/22 with my Detroit-based mates, The Incurables. Hope to see some of you there & YNWA!!

  13. Suggestion: have your merch hanging on that wall behind you. Or have a green screen on which you could display whatever takes your fancy. That might even brighten up the set a little!😉 Good show as usual. 👍

  14. Football is bollocks when you basically have to win every game to win the league.
    Not enough is made of oil doping ffp cheats city throwing money at the job until shit sticks. They should be slaughtered constantly, media says nothing, even when they compare Klopp to the bald nandrolone cheat. 🥛👍🏿

  15. "keeps us right in it"! dont know where you are coming from. There was little chance, with City's' easy run in, plus their superior goal difference . Which will only increase given Salah has stopped scoring since xmas! We really needed him to produce in those Spurs/City games!. Thankfully Diaz and Mane have been brilliant. If we can get a Bellingham/replace Bobby, Salah can move on this summer. Diaz shows us there are quality players out there! Get some cash for him at least !. Finish with a cup treble and it will be amazing season

  16. That was a really good win. Villa were fully up for it and Liverpool were looking a bit tired. To come back from a very unlucky goal and play average but still win is really admirable.

  17. It was a horrible night, and self inflicted. You don’t flog players in a meaningless game 3 days after a gruelling game vs Spurs and 4 days before a final. Fabinho very likely out, Keita also a doubt. Mental.

  18. All this Mane love in reminded me of a comment left after he got slated on a review show two months ago after scoring against Norwich.

    "Jesus christ…. Mane scores a massive goal to change the direction of the title race and he gets put down.
    Liverpool don't deserve Mane and he leaves on his own terms."

    Shame he didn't get this praise and backing when he should of won the footballer of the year award in 2020 instead of Henderson.

    A move to Bayan would give him a superstar treatment that he deserves

  19. There are a few players at moment that potentially deserve new contracts for what they have done at the club and their quality, naby keita isnt one of them, he is ok when ure on top or when he has a purring fabinho, thiago or henderson in a 3 but when he hasnt or in a game which is 50/50 just not gud enough, need to move him on.

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