Villarreal 2-3 Liverpool Post Match Analysis

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  1. We prefer Neverton. 😂😂😂😂🤭🤭🤭😜😜🤪🤪😛😛🎶🎶🎶🎶 Going down, going downnnnn🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. I'm a Liverpool fan born & bred but being honest I'm thinking we're gonna miss out on the PL title. City aren't gonna drop points & it's just that simple. I'm just proud that we've done so well this season, getting to the final of every Competition we've been in is just a remarkable achievement & again I'm just so proud of the Club. YNWA.

  3. My opinion is – Villareal wanted to be defencive on the 2nd half(big mistake)….and these played into Liverpool. Villareal forgot Liverpool comeback history..hahaha…YNWA

  4. Liam Brady was brilliant in everything he said .class .the other guy was very good also .spot on👌

  5. Kudos to Villarreal, they gave Liverpool a huge scare. They were playing the type of football in the first half which Liverpool themselves are accustomed to, the type of high pressing game which only a super fit team can play.
    But it was obvious they couldn't sustain the same tempo in the 2nd half and it showed when Liverpool stormed back to win in style.
    It continued Liverpool's streak of winning all their away games in the Champion's League. And what a brilliant decision by Liverpool to sign Diaz in the January transfer window. His 37 million pounds signing is beginning to look like a bargain.
    His introduction in the 2nd half to replace Jota definitely turn the tide….Liverpool were transformed almost immediately. YNWA!!!

  6. Klopp to the CL final through Rulli's legs, small details changed the game completely, if it wasn't Villarreal GK mistake in the 1st goal it'd have been an interesting second half, Klopp has to work on lots of things in the team before the expecting tough final, getting out with the ball from the back is very difficult when the opponent make high pressure that's why most of the play was long balls from Liverpool back four, pass accuracy was 75% today, average pass accuracy for Man City can pass 90%, TAA CAN'T DEFEND, period, regardless what bias fans say about him the best RB in the world, Robertson is better defensively but was very poor today, midfield problem remain the ongoing issue, no creativity from any player, Alcantara is a good player but plays with very high confident sometimes cost him lots of wrong passes, Milner is a dinasour hopefully Klopp won't start him in the final, the lad can't give more than 20 minutes and I'm not blaming him, it's the age!!, Salah needs a big come back for his confidence, media talks a lot about possible quadruple for Liverpool forgetting that anything could happen and Liverpool can end up the season with only the Carabao cup so players shouldn't be taken out by this, it's the manager job in these kind of situations to get the players to focus each game to win it and forget about the quadruple thing.

  7. I think that Villarreal ran their legs off in the first half.
    That coupled with the improvement of Liverpool in the second half gave us the result.

  8. It was an interesting take from yer man there but I think Klopp will honour his contract. It's a long time of course, so you cant even say for sure that Liverpool will still be good then.

  9. Again they put LFC as just a challenger who’s going to lose to the financial might of Man city!!

  10. Liam Brady what a true legend he is and I totally respect this true legend Liam is and I love the way he speaks. YNWA

  11. This shows what a truly a great manager Klopp is, he truly is a genius that is for sure. Paris here we come, what a second half performance as for Luis Diaz bargain buy of the winter transfer window what a player Luis is. YNWA

  12. We prefer Real Madrid not because we're scared of City but because we've played enough of City for the season. The final with City will be somehow boring and I'm sure they feel same way too. Also we have a score to settle with Madrid, they've denied us the opportunities to win the CL twice and this is an opportunity for a revenge.

  13. First Half, too much respect and cautious because it's away to Villarreal. That's the problem, but you can't blame Liverpool to be cautious to see what Villarreal can do. And they go all out in the second half, the usual self of playing. And blow them away as they usually do. Scoring is never a problem for Liverpool.

  14. Liverpool FC The First Club in Football History to reach 3 Cup Finals in one Season, Twice! YNWA Cmon The Reds!

  15. This is why Liverpool are the biggest club in England. They have the best European record of any English club in history. Let Man Utd fans cry and become delusional about their success, which is very little to be honest. Even their Europa League goat couldn't deliver top 4 this season, or win a UCL for them 🤫

  16. Villareal gave us a scare in the 1st half and their fans were just incredible but we made it, we’re going back to Paris and fingers crossed we get R Madrid so we can get revenge for 2018 and that it’s a more comfortable win than we had back in 81

  17. I like this post match analysis with great data points. Much easier to watch than Micah Richards and Jamie Carragher who are a bit too hyper on the CBS coverage.

  18. By this time of the season, every football team will feel tired. But Liverpool looks really fresh !

  19. U can't compare clopp with any Liverpool manager from the past clopp is by far the best manager Liverpool ever had epl is very competitive now and there are too many strong teams in the epl and just look at the way Liverpool plays besides they have lower budget than man city and man u and Chelsea


  21. Villareal had their 3 strikers injured ( Moreno played at 50%) and the goalkeeper really had a terrible match. Said that Liverpool was physically extremely superior, I thought Liverpool would be more tired as they had a tough match on Sunday. Mané perhaps is the best all around player in the World now.

  22. lol one prem in 32 years zero back to back prems since 2014 man united have won more than liverpool so under 7 years of klopp they have won one prem lol and a league cup and a ucl thats it

  23. I knew seeing Klopp on the sideline before the halftime whistle we would come out and win with Diaz on. Best signing in all of Football

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