"UEFA ARE NOT SAINTS" Jurgen Klopp On Champions League Final Tickets | Press Conference

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has discussed the ticket pricing and allocation for the Champions League Final with Real Madrid.

The German also discussed the importance of having Virgil van Dijk fully fit throughout this season, as well as how his squad deals with mental fatigue whilst competing for a historic treble.

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9 opiniones en “"UEFA ARE NOT SAINTS" Jurgen Klopp On Champions League Final Tickets | Press Conference”

  1. Continue praying for your team. God bless you all. And thank you, Yeshua, for our Victory. Amen.

  2. Same with the fa cup,season ticket holder,been to all 3 fa cup home games but dont get a tkt.in the ballot yet theres hundreds if not thousands with online tkt.agencies going for £850 plus £250 admin fee.please explain how that works?

  3. The demand is the people. Dont blame UEFA. The r greedy bcause of the demand. Its people who can show UEFA a lesson.

  4. Tomorrow hopefully we don’t give the ball too easily if we give them the ball then that’ll be a problem
    Hopefully it’s a “uncomfortable” night for them not for us

    Tottenham fans is singing praises about their front 3 hopefully tomorrow it’ll be a quiet night for them

  5. Of course the tickets are going to go up and up..extortionate but short of changes in society the nothing will change. Its the system and the world we live in.. money and greed is king

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