Why LeBron Bought Liverpool FC (2%)

Breaking down the Liverpool x LeBron deal.

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⏱ Timestamps
00:00 Breaking down LeBron’s Empire
02:20 Why the deal is unique in sports business
04:05 How LeBron could transform Liverpool
07:10 Next Stop: Las Vegas?

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Athletic Interest is a video essay series that investigates business stories from the world of sports.

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32 opiniones en “Why LeBron Bought Liverpool FC (2%)”

  1. Great video ! Really shows the smart mind behind Lebron James and his post-nba retirement plans in the business market. It will be really nice whenever they finally release a Liverpool X Lebron collab.

  2. Another interesting one is Mario Lemieux buying the Pittsburgh Penguins before selling them to FSG for nearly a billion dollars this year.

  3. Liv was bought for $480 million but now will be worth $4 billion. Made 733% profit in 10 years. But they are doing it in a sustainable way investing in infrastructure, academy, stadium etc. So kudos to them.

  4. One of the missed opportunities of lebron james. If he invested for 1% into MU, he ll get more than if invested 2% in liverpool as MU (under Glazers) is always better than FSG liverpool

  5. The fact that Vegas is INCREASING in population has got to be the most obvious example of how short sighted humans are.

  6. Can you do a comparison between footballer brands & NBA player brands globally? Maybe a Cr7/Messi/Beckham/Jordan/Kobe/Lebron comparisons.

  7. So happy to see you have more and more followers you deserved it ! Keep the Incredible work!!!!

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