Liverpool FC European Trophy Collection @ Anfield

A snippet from our time at Anfield. It was amazing to see all the items up close that I had seen during memorable games, especially the 2005 champions league trophy.

The Gerrard collection was also very special to look around.

Filmed using a HTC One M9 at highest resolution (4K).

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15 opiniones en “Liverpool FC European Trophy Collection @ Anfield”

  1. No other club in Britain can match this, nowhere else on these islands can this be seen and that makes me incredibly proud to be a Liverpool supporter, as I have been since 1979.

  2. The only English club that will ever own an original Champion's League Cup. Once the club wins it 5 times, they get to keep the floating cup, forever. The rule has since been changed; if another club wins it 5 times, in future, they will only be presented with a replica.

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