ESPN FC’s Janusz Michallik and Kay Murray discuss Bayern Munich’s 4-0 thrashing of Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga. Goals from Serge Gnabry, Robert Lewandowski, Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting and Kingsley Coman secured the win for Julian Nagelsmann’s side.

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35 comentarios en «Bayern vs. Hoffenheim: Robert Lewandowski continues to stake his claim for the Ballon d’Or | ESPN FC»

  1. Did you know….Lewandowski DIDNT MISS A SINGLE PENALTY IN THREE YEARS!??…the main penalty taker for Bayern Munich?
    Now THAT is a ridiculous stat…not the goals he shot compared or or or…but messi shot 91 blabbla


  2. i think this LITERALLY being like ,,a push" for OSCAR nominations should show how totally pathetic the B'dor is. -.- this BS being mentioned even REMOTELY CLOSE to golden boots is a total farce. It's a celebrity Contest, VOTED trophy(!!??) no stats, numbers, ANYTHING… B'dor exists for A SINGLE REASON, making B'dor worth MORE money. Messi getting B'dor is like two companies shaking hands advertizing EACH OTHER before a blockbuster movie… mutual beneficiality, size of individual BRAND that's ALL B'dor winners are based on today -.- smh …EVERYTHING BUT football.

    I do hope Lewa gets it, it seems to mean a lot to him -.- but if it where after me this trophy would be burned and buried never to be mentionend or seen again.

  3. lewy this days is like score is too easy so I won't score the too easy ones more time then not. Damm he missed chances in those last few match's and could easily got a hat trick in this game.

  4. "Should we just give the ballon d'or to Lewandowski already?"
    Stup!d Kay.
    "I think we should.."
    Stup!dier Michallik
    As if they are the bosses distributing ballon d'or
    He mentioned Jorginho but nothing about Messi on ballon d'or talk
    Media promotion of Lewi, Jorginho and Benzema is epic drama.
    The truth is Messi is gonna win for sure.
    This ESPN has become a joke

  5. Game was funny to watch if you focus on specific things
    Müller and kimmich are always willing passer while Serge and later coman only wanted to score. Lewandowski made a few funny unhappy faces when they kept shooting and not passing.
    Theres a reason why he's rarely subbed. They don't want to make him mad so they let him chase the records.

  6. To be playing in an era as messi he just cannot and will not win it at all first of all he wont ever touch messi record of 91 goals in 1 full year and the only thing messi was missing was a national award he got it plus record breaking golden boot best player in Copa tournament top assist overall no way in heaven he can win it by ONLY scoring scores if you dont believe just ask cr7 he tried every year and messi still won it

  7. like how can people say Messi deservers it more than Lewandowski, that is so bullshit. Messi has not Even played good in the start of the year and specially when he came to pst he has played not crazy good like all the people says. If Lewandowski dont get he Ballon dor ist rigged!

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