The final challenge for the FC Bayern World Squad is getting closer and closer. Therefor they are playing another friendly match, to keep improving. And they also get one or another tipp by a pro, such as Manuel Neuer. And also, the squad of Klaus Augenthaler and Christopher Loch is also visiting the Adidas ground. 🌎⚽️

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FC live:

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  1. Das ist eine sehr gute Idee um Spieler zu scouten und gleichzeitig die Marke zu verbreiten, ich finde interessant das es nur 1000 Bewertungen gab, wahrscheinlich haben einige Kicker nicht die Möglichkeit sich zu bewerben, alleine in der Türkei würde ich 100000 Kicker finden die mitmachen, vielleicht war das Scouting auch sehr heavy, was ja verständlich ist. Ich finde World Squad jedenfalls absolut geil

  2. Picked Bayern Munchen as my fifa 98 team as if its love at the first sight (i was only 9 at that time). 32 years old now and have always felt im part of this club eversince. And these boys are my boys too 😄. Wish this project a success and continue to do so and hope in the future my future kids could take part. Thanks for giving the opportunities to kids all over the world! There is hope! Mia San Mia!

  3. So, finally we are there, were you have to go in Germany nowadays, even in such a great series: LGTBQ, pcorrect, colorful „buntkicktgut“. No, they do not play good/kicken gut. That’s the problem with all these „good“ people, they overpace. We already have a colorful Bayern team here, why just leave it like that? Annoying.

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