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  1. What would you like to see the next match? El Clasico? or Battle of Britain Derby Man UTD vs Liverpool? or maybe both matches? ⚽

    Jaki chcielibyście zobaczyć następny mecz? El Clasico? Czy Bitwę o Anglię Derby Man UTD vs Liverpool? a może jednak oba mecze? ⚽

  2. We’re doing fine offensively, no doubt. It’s the defence that is highly unpredictable. Sule almost singlehandedly cost us two in the first half. He’s terrible at set pieces and often lazy in the box. The striker controlled the ball, danced like a ballerina and almost scored. Thanks Manu. Upa is another problem. Eintracht match, Nations final and now Benfica were far from even decent performances. The score lines overshadow the fact that he’s not the leader we were promised.

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