From Philipp Lahm vs Joshua Kimmich to Arjen Robben vs Serge Gnabry, HITC Sevens attempts to pick out a combined XI from Bayern Munich’s treble winning teams of 2012-13 and 2019-20 that both won the Bundesliga, the DFB-Pokal, and the UEFA Champions League.

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43 comentarios en «Bayern Munich 2013 vs. 2020 Combined XI»

  1. Tangent… I’m just thinking about how quickly coaches are cycled in European football… Probably because these two teams didn’t have the same manager. In American sports, 1. coaches rarely quit a top team just to move to another top team (this might have to do with the different leagues in different countries, it’s looked on as a new experience and new challenge but it’s still strange how even the most successful coaches move on for seemingly no reason, I mean Alex Ferguson is like the one exception to the rule but, although it’s not super common, there are coaches in American sports that stick around for a decade +. And 2. Coaches are always given a few years even if their teams are just terrible if they won a title with that team before the slump. In European football, you can be fired just halfway through the next season after winning a title. Which seems crazy.

  2. I disagree with the choice between Javi Martinez and Thiago. Although Thiago easily might be considered the better player, the value Javi Martínez added to the team 2013 far succeeds what Thiagos might have added to the Team 2020

  3. Neuer – Lahm – Alaba – Boateng – Kimmich – Schweinsteiger – Thiago – Robben – Ribery – Müller – Lewandowski starting would be sick. Davies – Süle – Goretzka – Gnabry on the bench.

  4. Bayern Munich 2013 was a joy to watch. They were just so good. For me most of the players from the 2013 side would be in the best combined. One of the few exceptions would be Lewandowski as forward over Gomez and Mandzukic.

  5. Pre video watching guess:

    GK: Neur (2013)
    RB: Lahm
    CB: Boateng (2013)
    CB: Alaba (2020)
    RB: Davies
    CM: Schweinsteiger
    CM: Thiago
    LW: Ribery
    Ramdeuter: Thomas Muller (2020) that one could go either way with Muller in 2013
    RW: Robben
    Striker: Lewandowski

  6. At RB I'd have made the choice between Pavard and Lahm not Kimmich and Lahm. Kimmich would have had to compete against Javi Martinez
    Heres my combined 11:
    GK: Neuer 2013
    RB: Lahm
    CB: Boateng 2013
    CB: Alaba 2020
    LB: Alaba 2013
    CM: Kimmich, Schweinsteiger
    CAM: Müller 2020
    RM: Robben
    LM: Ribbery
    ST: Lewandowski

  7. I agree with everything but i might have a case for Neuer , unlike most might think , 2020 Neuer isn't any less than 2013 Neuer , Bayern conceded less back then because they played way more conservatively compared to 2020 Bayern , in 2020 UCL Final , Semi-Final , and the DFL-Super-Cup Final Neuer put some superhuman performances and he basically Bayern the UEFA Super Cup vs Sevilla , 2020 Neuer takes it for me.

  8. You removed Thiago Alcantara, so counting creativity and overall talent I would more like to see him than Thomas Mueller in this combined eleven, you are overrating David Alaba also as centre back, as he did at least few silly goal losing mistakes playing there…

  9. Even though I think thiago is better than Javi Martinez. I think he was chronically underrated. I remember how good he was that year especially in both games against Barcelona where they won 7-0 across both legs. He was so good and quite good at bringing the ball forward from what I remember.

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