We take an in depth look into Bayern Munich (Bayern München), framed through the lens of their motto ‘Mia San Mia’ or ‘We are who we are’. Featuring Thomas Muller, Javi Martinez, Holger Badstuber and Pepe Reina. Subscribe to Copa90:

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The Game Never Stops

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25 comentarios en «This Is Bayern Munich»

  1. I’m a West Brom fan from the States, but I’ve always seen Bayern as the epitome of class and family in big market football. And in my opinion, Bayern Munich are the best club in World Football history. Great documentary.

  2. The most Bauern Supporters are are not from Munich .. Munich's traditionell team is depressing 1860 .. the fans of the company fcb are often from small towns in Germany with no own professional club and the only connection to this club is the success of them .. that's the reason why they are so hated in Germany .. and half of their titles were not well-deserved .. fcb is a football company with no heart and soul .. Wir würden nie zum fc bayern münchen gehen.

  3. Bayern Munich don't hate any other bundesliga club but the others do because they are jealous of us being the best club in Germany and the best club in the bundesliga history and we are in the top 5 best clubs in Europe you can even say best club in the world so please dont hate us ❤️

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