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39 comentarios en «Distance drop kicking the soccer ball toy as Neymar Jr Location – Fortnite»

  1. lol I had no idea who you are but I saw you in 3th life and I really enjoyed your content there. And now I randomly find you while trying to do my neymar challenges xD

  2. Hey dude you helped me with challenges for quite some time now. I recently went back to listening to some old minecraft parodies I used to listen to as a kid. And I have no idea you sang "How can I craft this again?" It's extraordinary how much you've done. I'm impressed so thank you. 😀

  3. I think the reason it counts sometimes is the dropping of the ball but if u hit down button to activate the kick some look like hes kicking from the ground not dropping it. I also think u get 4 or 5 drop kicks in a row then it stops counting

  4. I completely agree plus the soccer skins can be eliminated making it harder to complete the challenges. Iv'e turned up at the positions and they've already been eliminated, really annoying.

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