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00:13 USA – Canada
00:52 Canada – USA
08:14 Standings
08:24 Mexico – USA
11:48 USA – Mexico
13:10 Final standings

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8 comentarios en «USA World Cup 1982 Qualification All Matches Highlights | Road to Spain»

  1. As an Englishman "we" would not have known anything about the U.S. and Canadian National teams trying to qualify … all we would have known was the final outcome of the CONCACAF group That's All.
    Looking at the standard of Football from the U.S. and Canadian National teams … I would say the fifth tier of The English National League was in line with them.
    I do not say it this with any amount of ridicule, as I have always wanted The World Game of FOOTBALL to grow and prosper in North America … I am glad to see (Now) that it is Growing and Prospering and I say Come On North America, its Great to see you Join The Rest of Our World Game!

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