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Chibimaru here with a soccer spirits guide video on how you can use your resources properly! This video will teach you how to conserve your resources and guide you to manage it well. This video will also teach you how to avoid mistakes in soccer spirits, and make a stronger team faster.

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  1. I really love the advice you're giving on how to pick players that you LIKE for your team which I honestly didn't do at first and it made me quit and comeback to the game so many times. I kept on trying to make a "sTrONG" team at the cost of players I would have actually wanted to use and it wasn't as fun anymore… I am now back again and decided to go whith whoever I like and make it work no matters what, my favourite players are Hiro and Elua and there is now way for them outta my team.

    So here as a resume: go with players you like even though everyone tells you they are useless or that you have better players to replace them because it will slowly kill all the fun

  2. I am working on WW mono team, my current team now is GK: Jin, Back: Khalid, Jin Maeng, Death Queen, Mid: Cow Demon Queen, Exis, Happy Front: Miri, Neraizel, Baltheon. Should I use Darin? or keep using Jin? and can you give suggestion for other unit to fill my current deck for mono WW?

  3. Oh hell, I didn't know about the 4 stars special training trick and I had no idea you didn't have to use 4 stars rare stones to make uniques (rip former 4 stars rare stones).

    Really helpful guide Chibi! 🙂 I'm still not done watching as I write this, but I'm already learning really useful info!

  4. One thing I want to add. Never use littre or scout over 4 spu because we would eventually draw them anyway. Seven star them instead so they would have same skill point and stat as full spu 6 star unit. We could save a lot of resource by that way and also reduce chance of frasturation from draw as well.

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