ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti, Julien Laurens and Stewart Robson discuss Barcelona’s Champions League clash against Bayern Munich. Robson explains how he believes Bayern Munich can effectively stop Lionel Messi. The guys then debate how Barcelona should line up, with Robson insisting that Antoine Griezmann has to start for the Catalan giants.

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47 comentarios en «Bayern Munich vs. Barcelona preview: How do Bayern Munich stop Lionel Messi? | ESPN FC»

  1. I hope Messi chooses to stay at Barcelona… We want more comical 'performances'
    like his 8-2 loss against Bayern Munich. All those backside – lickers who knowingly lie and say Messi is better than Genius Ronaldo have just had their front teeth kicked in with this 8-2 result…. LOL Viva CR7

  2. Who loves Messi blindly. The number of such fans is not less. But you will see if you judge impartially. Messi has played with players like Xavi Iniesta in Barcelona for so long. All his successes are the result of their cooperation. Messi's success outside of Spain is like a mediocre forward. Unsuccessful.

    Don't worry, think more. Before CR7 Ronaldo came to Spain, there was a golden age of Messi. At that time Messi's Ballon d'Or was 4 and Ronaldo's was only 1. In the reign of Messi, Ronaldo made the number of Ballon d'Ors 5-5. Won the Champions League 3 times in a row. At that time, Messi's receipt of "0" was 5 years before Ronaldo came to Real, Real was without a title. Messi was in a state of flux in the Spanish league. That Ronaldo came to the Spanish league. If Messi does not have that condition anymore. The real champion is 2 times.

    Cristiano Ronaldo won the best crown in Europe by pulling a middle row team Portugal alone.

    In a neutral way, Messi is a simple player outside the boundaries of Barcelona.

    Messi's greatest quality is the image of the outside world of the game. The image of this quiet good boy has made him a media favorite. The individual has received the ultimate benefit of worship.

    Messi's greatest quality is the image of the outside world of the game. The image of this quiet good boy has made him a media favorite. The individual has received the ultimate benefit of worship.
    In contrast, Ronaldo's open life. He has become unpopular with the media because of the image of telling the truth on his face. However, as a player, Ronaldo has to be far ahead of Messi in every field, both inside and outside the club. The statistics don’t lie.

    So far so angry. Become a fan of the game of football without being a fan of Messi. Consider everything in a neutral way. You will see that Messi's contribution is zero in the moment of need. No matter how much Messi emerges as a player from another planet against a weaker team in Spain.
    Messi's 6 goals against Bayern have left Messi naked with white eyes. Messi's true standard tea has been exposed.
    Messi is a paper tiger.
    CR7 Ronaldo is a fighting lion. The best of all time in football.

  3. You 8-2 to see it now. I mean 9-1 as Bayern helped in one goal they are so nice also I’ll take Ronaldo on big days anytime he comes up on big occasion while Messi was just walking and gave up so much for the best player atleast try something then give up. Humiliation to the max at 33 Ronaldo beat Bayern 4-2 with hat trick and Messi lost 8-2 without even being seen the whole match.

  4. That title tho. How deluded is this barka idiot? Messi did nothing than just looking down like a real coward. Barcelona lost 8-2 even with messi. Imagine without him. Barcelona is dead

  5. Bayern have destroyed Barca's reputation as a strong team in Europe. From now on this team will be considered just a normal team not formidable force, and it hurts to see this as a barca fan.

  6. Just get to the point ,messy n the team is done with Barcelona they have to settle the internal problems.we gonna see more big losses in the coming games.Are they
    really playing?

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