TFW returns as Bayern have won the Champions League! Matt discusses your opinions as to whether this Bayern team is the greatest club side ever, why football hasn’t changed as much as you think and what next for some of PSG’s top talent!

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37 comentarios en «Is Bayern Munich 2020 the best club team EVER?!? ► TFW»

  1. What makes Bayern even more impressive is that they achieved their success without any billionaire owners (like Chelsea, PSG, Milan etc.) or support from their government (like Real and Barca). Only club to be able to stand their own against Bayern based on their own strength was ManU. "Thanks" to the Glazers that is a thing of the past though.

  2. My Favorit Team

    AC MILAN 08/09
    Inzaghi sevshenko kaka gattuso pirlo ronaldhinio Beckham Seedorf zambrotta nesta maldini

    And Barca 07/08
    Therry Henry Ronaldhinio Messi Eto'o
    Iniesta xavi puyol abidal alves.

    My Pes 2008 Teams 😀

  3. 1. Bayern Munich have scored 42 goals in 10 games during this season’s UEFA Champions League, with only Barcelona in 1999/2000 scoring more in a single campaign (45 in 16 matches).

    2. Bayern have won the treble for a second time in the club's history (after 2013). The only other side in Europe to win the treble twice is FC Barcelona (2009 and 2015).

    3. FC Bayern München finished the 2019-20 season unbeaten in their last 30 games (W29 D1), winning each of their final 21 matches in all competitions.

    4. FC Bayern München are the first side in European Cup/Champions League history to win 100% of their games in a single campaign en route to lifting the trophy (11 wins).

    Looking at the development of football and the physical, athletic component, Flick's Bayern is the strongest team in the history of soccer.

    Pep's Barca revolutionized football (2009).

    After Michels' and Sacchi's pressing came Klopp's Gegenpressing (2012).

    Flick's Bayern combines all the ingredients of modern football in the game with the ball and the game without the ball. In the final against PSG they had 63% ball possession. Dominating another superclub. Against Barca they completely destroyed the Barca with their gegenpressing and their highline Setien's 4-4-2.

    This way of playing is very risky. But to play this game, you have to be physically, mentally and have a high work-ethic for the team. Without discipline there are many possibilities for the opponent in the half spaces, who can attack the space behind the defense with smart passes => Lyon did it wonderfully.

    Tactics, physical and mental strength. This team is one of the best that football has produced in its history.

  4. Best team ever is Zizous Real Madrid Team 2016-2018. 3 CL Wins in a row while no other team even won 2 CLs in a row. Nearly every player was in his prime. Just amzingly consistent. A team full of champions.

  5. Bayern is the best Team this year for Sure. Not the best of all time (yet). But just look at the Team and the Money Bayern have. Next Season theyll have a sane, gnabry , süle , davies , goretzka , coman ,hernandez and kimmich not even in their Prime and already that experienced. I Think there is the possibilty that Bayern will dominate football in the next years. Im not saying they will but i Think for now you cant Name a Team with higher potential. I Think the only Real Problem will be a new Striker in a few Seasons. Maybe its zirkzee Maybe not. Maybe theyll also struggle at the gk cause i dont See Nübel as a world class Player. They have deasent young Players in all the other positions for the next 5 years. If they can fix these positions good i Think Bayern can become Barcelona or Milan in their absolute Primes. And you have to notice that Bayern is mit spending crazy like other Clubs. The only Big Club in the world with a healthy Bank Account.

  6. Bayern is currently the best team in the world. you take the treble the maximum what you win trophys level. That's is amazing.
    We have start of quarterfinal till final with single leg ko rounds how strong bayern was. We all member single match you against barca 8:2. Barca is a big giant of Europe. When you win 8:2 against a big top club in fottbalbusines the fans of the world impress of Bayern engine.
    For me is impressive to see bayern how teammentality,team unit, spirit, trust, believe more goals want more never stop try goal etc this was success for bayern.
    The tactic formation and statergie of hansi flick was genius fun to watch.
    Have all nice weeks and stay healthy.

  7. To be honest this bayern team as a whole is incredibly solid and tactically speaking this pressuring the ball and high defensive line is a very entertaining thing to watch. This season bayern deserved to win the treble 100% but we shouldnt start throwing the titles of unbeatable and the best. If we want to become THE BEST we need to peform over multiple seasons and leave a serious mark on it. For the time being the future looks good and I hope that we can keep the pressure on in the following seasons and who knows maybe even win it all again.

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