On today’s episode we speak with Paul, the owner of Football Cards Direct. Having been in the soccer card industry for many years he explains his experience with the boom in business over the last 12 months..

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3 comentarios en «Soccer Cards 10Q with Football Cards Direct owner Paul (AUDIO ONLY)»

  1. Was a good listen on how the market has changed, some for the better but some not so good.
    Thanks for the mention Paul, when I decided to sell Football Cards Direct it was with the intention of selling to someone who would take it on and build it up and I get pleasure from seeing it grow under you both. I got out as I just wasn't feeling it anymore with personal things playing a part in the decision and had no intention of ever going back into cards but after spending 18 months dabbling with other things I decided to go back to what I know so set up Footballcardsworld.com about 6 months before the boom happened and even though we are now rivals again in some ways you are the biggest around and I think a few of those who have arrived on the scene recently have a lot to live up to. It takes time to grow a business and it will be interesting to see who are still around in a few years time.

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