Piqué’s last second goal sends the game into extra time and Braithwaite’s header earns a place in the Copa del Rey Final!


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44 comentarios en «🤯 Comeback worthy of a final! | HIGHLIGHTS | Barça 3-0 Sevilla»

  1. I wish when Barca holds their heads high and do well supporters pundits critics would just allow them to carry on playing well instead of distracting the players from enjoying what the love. The team has had a good run this season enduring and overcoming the same problems all teams had to endure. Yet their are always people who for one reason or another want to comment on a sport or a team and their only jealous. One I will say no matter how our season turns out , Our players have grown together nicely without the moaning of injuries we just excepted them and carried on playing for the club each other and what they love , Well done 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😋

  2. Have you lot heard of Hector Bellerin he is really good and fast and young and no homo but kinda ho- anyway, you can look up ‘Bellerin before becoming shit in 2018’ on YouTube to see what I’m talking about, just remember the last part because it’s important £50M for him, good deal?

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