12-year-old soccer prodigy Alessandro Cupini is one of the most SKILLED players in his age group!


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30 comentarios en «12-Year-Old DEADLY Striker Is the FUTURE of US Soccer!»

  1. the thing is without players doing the assists the strikers won't be able to score, so thats why the midfielders always don't get the attention they deserve as they only do the passing some would say. well at least in my opinion. ps I'm a midfielder.

  2. If this kid is a wonder kid and a "deadly striker" then the people I play with in the streets are the worlds best players to ever touch a football because they are way better than him ngl and some are even younger

  3. Great to see the commitment and discipline at such young age but also that he seems to be having fun pursuing his dream. My utmost respect and admiration for the family and for the parents for supporting him and being very involved! I cannot believe that anyone would give this amazing video and story the thumbs down!

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