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31 comentarios en «PRE-MATCH PRESS CONFERENCE: Christen Press | USWNT vs. Brazil | Feb. 20, 2021»

  1. Christen Press' game has devolved the last 2 years. Still quick and sometimes does something that looks like "football," but quickly turns around and kicks the ball like a high school girl with her head down most of the time instead of taking her time to look around to make better decisions. That's a big coaching failure as far as I'm concerned. They saw a lot of that in England and I doubt if the coach there is going to make her aware of this because she has the potential to be a good weapon for the US offence if they wake her up.

    Right on que: what a little bit of patience can do for your game without rushing and shooting like a high school girl. A better football player still would have looked up for a second though before shooting that ball just in case.

  2. I expect to see Morgan, Lavelle, and Press start vs. Brazil; a team that scored four goals in their opening match and win against Argentina on Thursday (February 18). And if not, I'm sure fans around the world will be extremely disappointed.

    By any means necessary, the USWNT must win this game!

  3. I love this young woman with pure talent. A realism and finish in front of the cages that hits the mark almost every time. She is part of the square of the best players in the world.

    Talent- humility- commitment: Respect Miss Christen Press and continue to treat us as you do …. Long live women's football!

  4. Such focus and even tempered demeanor. I notice a lot of the women's team do incredible interviews like they are all professors in their secret lives, but Pressy takes the cake as someone with so much going on inside and yet able to focus like a laser on being available to the moment. Calm, cool, confident, without a fear to be seen. Just a great interview. I could hear her talk about anything and be riveted.

  5. Sono positivamente sorpresa di trovare la CP23 (mia preferita con TH17) i USA a giocare per la sua nazionale, avendola vista in Inghilterra in una partita che lei ha cercato in tutti i modi di imprimere la sua personalità + professionalità
    avrei voluto vedere la formazione finale del team USA come formazione iniziale e sono sicura che la vittoria poteva essere 3 – 0

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