The Maradona move in soccer is a high-skill maneuver that is named after Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona. Discover how to do the Maradona with tips from a professional soccer player in this free video on soccer.

Expert: Chris Murray & Jyler Noviello
Bio: Chris Murray and Jyler Noviello have been playing soccer since high school. They both now play professionally for the Wilmington Hammerheads.
Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

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43 comentarios en «Soccer Game Tips : How to Do a Maradona Move in Soccer»

  1. The Late 90s?!  Maradona played for Argentina starting in the late 70s, through the 80s and into the early 90's until he was kicked out of the '94 World Cup at the tail end of his international career.

  2. (2/2)
    all im saying is that people can call it however they want to call it, but the main thing is that a "360", "Marseille", "Maradona", or whatever it is, is just like a spin move that is done in other sports. the goal is to shield the ball from the opposition, by spinning, wheather you do a 180, a 360, a 800, with one foot, with no foot, with whatever, its the same move.

    and by the way, dont "breath" yourself to death now

  3. i agreed with you that he did 180, but even if he used one foot, its still just a variation, but then again, if you think he did it and that makes you happy, then fine. some people believe in santa claus and that makes them happy.

    and about the play another sport thing: no coment.

  4. your opinion is valueless. what you described is a VARIATION of the SAME MOVE, and thats a FACT, all you gotta do is watch it. Maradona used his left, then right to pull the trick, in a 180 motion, and used his left foot to exit, dashing forward, leaving 2 opposing players in his dust. its a SIMPLE MOVE. all you gotta do is practice. and weather you do a 100, 180, 360, 720, it doesnt matter, cuz youre going thru the same steps, touching the ball with one foot, then the other.

  5. its useless…

    1. ppl mad at the guy for saying soccer, not football. look up the origins of the term "soccer"
    2. ppl mad at the guy for saying Maradona "wrong". its his accent, so unless you can pronounce every single name in the world WITH NO ACCENT, then leave him alone.
    3. wheather its called maradona, roulette, 360, marseille, or whatever else, ITS THE SAME MOVE. you dont call chicken broth differently just because you put your own spice in to it. guess what? ITS STILL A CHICKEN BROTH!

  6. ITS THE EXACT SAME MOVE!!! both moves you touch the ball with one foot, then the other, while spinning, to get away from defenders. it doesnt matter if you are facing them, they on your side, below you, or sitting on the bench while you do the move. ITS THE SAME THING. to call it "Maradona" just because he did it between two guys does not make this an entire new move. its like call a bicycle kick a "Pele" because he did it "diferently". "he went a foot higher in the air than Leonidas da Silva"

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