This ended up being way longer than I had planned. I’ve put alot of time & effort into editing today’s video though, so I’m hoping that you guys don’t mind ;_; Lastly I really hope that you guys will enjoy this 40 min Lucian session! It would really mean the world to me if people actually enjoyed this video despite it being so lengthy ❤

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– Details –
Metacolm is a tribute name to my first 5* in SS (Malcolm), and ofc, Metatron.
Editing Software: Sony Vegas Pro
Soccer Spirits IGN: CrezOrbs (Global Server)
Forums & Reddit: DensetsuNoTroy, or Metacolm

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23 comentarios en «[Soccer Spirits] Reaching Top 3 (Global Ladder) With Lucian :: Ardor/WW PvP»

  1. I love every piece of this. I love this team. I love this energy. I haven't seen you like this since Tyler's pre-nerf. I hope you this energy up and transfer it to all of your future videos.

  2. Okay sorry for asking this but I've been trying to remember since you uploaded this which song the very first one is, the one you used right after that nice use of meme in the beginning of the video. I'm pretty damn sure it's one of GxC's remixes but I just can't remember which one.

  3. @Metacolm
    enjoyable 41 mins, rly liked it c:
    So now that jin is okay i guess, will you continue playing on your other account? c:
    Oh and i've been thinking about some builds for miri and what do you think about SoB + RoM, double ww pen and ardor crit dmg, you have high rcp, decent pen and crit i think and good crit dmg.
    Another one would be Glab + SoB, double thunder rcp and ww pen, would be nice to hear your opinion on both ^^
    Also hope you r fully recovered now 🙂

  4. hi i just thought about if you could do a guide about all the stages of colosseum of trials, how you do them or ways to do and so on , i am not new and i am at a good point there but it's hard anyway , don't know how much of it you can clear but i think a guide abut this will definitly help all

  5. Nice video! Your new team looks good and performs really well 😃.
    I don't care about it being a 40 mins vid, but I had to divide it into two parts to finish watching it cause my internet is REALLY slow and idk why 😞.

  6. Hi Metacolm, really cool team and it's super remarkable how you can create such unique teams. I've been thinking of building a ardor/dark team for a long time because I have a lot of ardor and dark players including Serestia and a built up Leo and Renee too. what are your opinions? :] it's so hard to choose what dual team to go with, hahaha.

  7. gz on top 3 metakun c: reaching so high with Lucian chan is quite the feat. no worries I enjoyed that kirin match, good to see a counter for vaidi even though he's running a weird build. I actually wanna see kirin more, maybe against a ST vaidi? :3 and I just rerolled Tyler for calm icicle, I'm going to use kirin too

  8. Is nari still getting 80% action bar recovery without felix ace? You don’t have bond of silence on her anymore right?
    Also what tips do you have for lucian backline in monoardor? I was gonna try crit resist lucian but now i may just have to go the erm dm luq, so i can use on ein as well. I think leo crit often and did good raw dmg this video, well built metacolm! I am interested in how he will compete against kirna and crit resist legend teams. Are you going to use william db+gofj to combat crit resist team in 6 star league?

  9. Por fin pude cambiar el sistema operativo y configurar mi pc. Ahora me permite usar programas que antes no me dejaba instalar. Por supuesto, mi deseo de volver a jugar SS. Me puedes recomendar un emulador de android para instalar en mi pc? cual es mejor? cual usas? (si es que usas pc para jugar) y como lo ajusto para que me corra en mi pc? ahora uso windows 10
    pd: gracias por tu video.
    pd2: sigo creyendo y pregonando que Kei es mejor que Lucian pero, GG por el buff :v

  10. What do you think of Alexa in an ardor/light team? I've made a team for it but need to invest in it. I'm not quite sure if Alexa is a good or decent gk anymore since I haven't really played much these past months.

  11. aaah you make me jealous QAQ
    I wish there would be an option to change to transfer to another server. 5* league is supposed to be innovative and a change of pace but all I see/face (most of the time) is the same copy % pasta team

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