«Our Soccer Mom Had an Affair, Abandoned Our Family, and Now Wants Forgiveness!» Part 3 | Dr. Phil Classics
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49 comentarios en «"Our Soccer Mom Had an Affair, Abandoned Our Family, and Now Wants Forgiveness!" Part 3»

  1. I hope these boys find peace and get far, far away from her. She doesn’t know how to take any responsibility and quite frankly, doesn’t deserve them and their families.

  2. It is true that being in an abusive relationship can make it impossible to nurture the good relationships around you, and true that abusers try to isolate and alienate their victims through manipulation. But she would benefit from taking accountability that she deeply hurt and abandoned her sons, and she needs to stop making excuses and making this about her. They were abandoned and they were forever hurt. It's a fact. The apology and acknowledgment needs to come first and then the explanation can be understood with time.

  3. So I didn’t hear anything about her first husband treating her bad just that she left him because she was cheating and got pregnant. I’m curious how her ex his and feels about all of this. Your wife abandons the kids to get hit upside the head by the next man and traumatizes the kids. Everyone has a reason to hate her.

  4. These men have every right to their feelings however they don't seem to understand the complexities of abuse. It is never as simple as just walking away. I'm confused as to by Dr. Phil was so dismissive when mentioning battered wife syndrome.

  5. To the three sons: Please do not assume everyone can just get up and walk out of a marriage. Until you have been there you DO NOT KNOW. That being said, I do not agree with what your Mother did.

  6. I hate cheaters. Male or female doesn't matter. If I can't live in my marriage I work it out or I file for divorce. But I don't cheat. Even when I have children at home. She will never realize what she did to her kids when they needed her the most

  7. . She broke those boys but won't accept that as it does not fit her narrative of her being the victim. She could not leave her abusive 2nd husband but had no problem leaving her allegedly abusive 1st husband and kids.

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