From the small Spanish city of Eibar which is home to a competitive La Liga team, to the tiny independent city-state of Monaco which is home to one of the top teams in Ligue 1, HITC Sevens takes a look at a number of cities which punch above their weight and overachieve within the world of football / soccer in relation to their size.

Camisetas C. A. Osasuna Libera espacio y gana dinero. ?Sin comisiones de venta!

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  1. Everyone complaining about leicester being here but listen to the comparison wakefield has anyone outside of the uk heard of it in the uk 315k is not a big city cardiff has close to 400k yet is the 11th largest in the uk.

  2. Although, as a Ukrainian, I am very flattered by you including Donetsk as an honorable mention, it shouldn't be a part of the list. The city had a population of ca. 900,000 people before the war. In addition to that, Donetsk is the center of a huge and compact aglomeration giving home to something around 10,000,000 people. Shakhtar has always been considered as rather a representative of the aglomeration as a whole rather than the city itself.

  3. I miss Heerenveen. Plays first division Dutch league for the last 25+ years. Regularly plays european football. A stadium large enough to accomodate all inhabitants of the city!! City has 29k inhabitants btw. Did win the Dutch cup. And was 3x runner up in the competion.

  4. Ludogorets from Bulgaria deserves a mention . They are from a city of 20 000 and the clubs they compete agains in the bulgarian league are from either the capital 1.5 mil population or other cities with 3 to 500 000 populations . They have won the bulgarian title 10 years in a row , played in the champions league group stage 2 times almost every year in the europa league group stage , reached the last 16 in the in the Europa few times . And have beaten so many power clubs , PSG , Steua Bucharsti , Red Star Belgrade , Basel , Lazio , list goes on and on . Its really remarkable

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