ESPN FC’s Alejandro Moreno shares his thoughts on the state of Brazil following their 2-1 win vs. Peru in the 2019 Copa America final. Moreno says the current Brazil team needs to be viewed differently than Brazilian teams of the past that dominated with superstars like Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Rivaldo, but says head coach Tite worked his tactical magic throughout the tournament as players like Gremio’s Everton, Manchester City’s Gabriel Jesus and Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino were put in positions to shine on South America’s biggest stage. Moreno also believes that a fully fit Neymar could take this Brazil team back to the top of the FIFA world rankings.

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27 comentarios en «Where do Brazil rank among the best in world football after Copa America win? | ESPN FC»

  1. Neymar neymar. These losers cant have a conversation without neymar being put in a negative light. What has neymar done but just being the best. Brasil good but great with Neymar. This was an ordinary win by brazil workout neymar. If Neymar was there it would have been an extraordinary win. Trust me

  2. Simply the very best Football Nation the world has ever seen. No other country comes to Brazil's dominance in World Football. Countless talented players always coming up and knocking on the door for first team football. This Brazilian side has a great balance. The guys are right, people need to move on from Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldiniho mindset, this Brazilian side is different and its working.

  3. there is like 5 players that could become neymar quality or even better. Allison is like top 3 when it comes to keepers and Brazil has players like Vinicius that are up and coming I would try to move away from being Neymar's Brazil at this point he is 27 and should be at his top of his game and well he does not look like a ballon d'or winner at this point.

  4. Brazil still need Neymar to be the very best. If he get is act together he brings another dimension to put them over the top. Brazil is a very good team right now but to be a cut above every body else then you need Neymar producing is best.

  5. If anyone watched all the games the selecao didn't really shine though they won which goes without saying is what counts. Right now this team is not a top three ranking but definitely in the top ten. Neymar is the X factor on that team.

  6. 42 games under Tite: 33 wins, 7 draws, 2 losses: 91 goals, 11 against (like people don't really understand how insane that record is, especially the 11 goals, in the same period I believe the second best defense in France with 24 goals conceded in 41 matches, brazil conceded freaking 11 goals man, and scored 91)… Both losses came against Argentina 1-0 with their reserve squad (and they already beat Argentina 3-0, 2-0 and 1-0 in the other 3 games) and 2-1 against Belgium while playing better 60 of the 90 minutes, with 60% possession and 24 shots against only 9 for Belgium, remembering that the big difference was an own goal from Fernandinho on a corner. This version of Brazil doesn't have that all time great (who knows if one of the youngters will become one), but they are the deepest and most overall talented national team in the world, while having by far the best defense in world football, which is very weird to say from Brazil. And as Moreno said, there isn't any side right now that you see is a class above the others, France thenselves won the WC, they do have a very talented team, but I believe Brazil for example is a better team, but at that particular month France was the most effective squad and won the WC. Like, they are hella deep man, guys like Marcelo (yeah even if he dipped in form a little he's still a monster) and Allex Tellez weren't even called for the squad, while they would be easily in any other national team as a left back. Fabinho, who probably would start in 90% of national sides, wasn't even called coz they have the luxury of having Casemiro and Fernandinho for the position (although I feel like they called Fernandinho for him to have a title with Brazil, as Fabinho is like 8 years younger so it's only natural he will be the one moving forward). Like, even when they don't play well offensively, you most likely won't win against then, the only minus is that besides Brazil, the conmebol teams are on the downside right now so Brazil is so far ahead of their regional competitors (excluding that rivalry match with Argentina where it being a classic makes things closer than they are on paper), as we saw on the last qualifyers and even here on the Copa America, that they ain't gonna be able to really test thenselves against the nations that are on their level or at least close to it (like the top 5 European teams, who for me are the one with a chance to defeat Brazil for real, even though top to bottom Brazil is a better side, much like it happened in the WC, Brazil was better than Belgium, but Belgium was also a great team and it's a single elimination game, so details and luck can dictate the outcome as both squads are great)

  7. If neymar becomes a team player, Brazil will be better with him. He passes too late, or sees a run too late, because he wants to go past 3 players at a time. Needs to comeback for the tean not himself.

  8. As a Brazilian fan I never like Neymar, Brazil in soccer is like classic music like Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin or Bach .His antics had destroyed the team flow and dynamic. At the same time he is a pure talent of this era. We will never see again a Brazilian team with caliber player like Bebeto, Romario, Ronaldo, Ronaldiho, Rivaldo,Jairzinho, Falcao, Socrates, Zico, Junior anymore. All South American soccer is Europeanized now.

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