AP Corki – Very Strong and Very Viable

Are you tired of playing the same champion with the same build game after game? Do you get sick and tired when people harass you over and over for wanting to try and play a champion in a new and unique way? Well I have a few tips for you that will help get you past the aggression and hostility of other gamers and allow you to try to employ some unique play style into the world of League of Legends.

I Will use the champion Corki as my prime example. Corki is most commonly played as an AD(attack damage) champion. He is played in the bottom lane with a support champion and the idea is to farm him up by killing creep minions until you can buy items that will allow you to deal enough damage to other champions to be a threat.

Now Corki has some unique properties that allow him to be a very versatile champion. First he has a tremendous escape with his W ability. This ability essentially negates almost all enemy ganks, providing that you keep an eye on the map and are prepared to make evasive maneuvers at a moments notice. Second he has powerful caster abilities that all him to deal significant damage in addition to his basic attacks.

Since Corki has such strong ability and escape potential, the new way to build him is to build him as an ability power champion. Along with this build you should try playing mid lane so that you can have another champion build attack damage in order to have a balance team. Once in mid lane you simply need to farm up to level six when you gain Corki’s rocket ability. From here you will have built a chalice so that you will not run out of mana quickly and you will be able to effectively harass your opposing champion from a safe distance while doing significant damage. If the jungler comes in for a gank, do not despair simply use your escape move and take cover under your turret.

This is just one example of how you can use a champion in a different way and have it still remain very effective and viable. There are a plethora of champions to choose from so you should definitely try something different. Do not let other summoners deter you, the game was designed for people to have fun. If the game becomes mundane it ceases to be fun. So try something new today!

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Premier League Fixture Confusion

Apart from that, no one else has said anything which I find bizarre because, although Chelsea played on Monday and would be playing again on Thursday whilst United and Arsenal played on Sunday and would not play again till Saturday; Chelsea would actually have the weekend off and their champions league opponents, Liverpool would play on Saturday and then meet Chelsea on Tuesday.

I was just very surprised not to hear Liverpool moan about such a situation until it dawned on me that Rafa Benitez would most likely put out a completely different team against Fulham on Saturday to the 1 he would field against Chelsea.

By some strange coincidence, the same this happened last season where Rafa played a B-string team against the same opposition and that went a long way to confirming Fulham’s premiership status. This was because in the following week he had to play against the same opponents Chelsea at the same stage of the same competition, champions league.

The teams around Fulham would not be too happy if Fulham beat a weakened Liverpool side and for the life of me, I cannot see the rationale behind Everton and Chelsea game being brought forward to tomorrow.

We have a situation where greed has superseded fair play because this game would have repercussions against other teams not involved at all because let us face it, Chelsea stood little chance of winning the league anyway and their best chance of a trophy is winning the champions league while Everton stand little or no chance of coming 4th so it is just teams like Bolton, Reading, Birmingham, Wigan, Sunderland and possibly Newcastle that might be affected.

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Famous Soccer Players – Denis Law, Scotland

One of the greatest and most famous soccer players that Britain has ever produced is Denis Law; aka "the King".

Denis Law was a genius in front of goal, who during the 1960s – the Beatles era – was the darling of Manchester United. There, his adoring fans christened him "the King".

He had all the attributes required of a truly great striker; fantastic acceleration, great vision, spacial awareness, two feet – he could control and shoot with either, prodigious leaping and heading ability, bravery and, although he was a slim guy, he could look after himself!

During his career he represented not only Scotland (55 caps), but the Italian League XI, the Rest of Europe XI and a World XI. He was also voted European Footballer of the Year in 1964.

Law was born in Aberdeen, Scotland, in 1940, where he turned into a fine schoolboy footballer. Unfortunately his home team Aberdeen did not recognize his talents early enough, for he was whisked away to Huddersfield Town when he was barely 15 years old. He played his first professional game for them at the tender age of 16 in 1956, he was that talented.

By the time he was 19, he was already a young goal scorer of immense talent having been called up to the Scottish national team at the age of 18. Big clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea, Glasgow Rangers, West Bromwich Albion, Everton and Manchester City were all showing a keen interest. After much deliberation he went to Manchester City in 1960 for a then record transfer fee of 55,000 British Pounds. He only stayed at City for a year or so, but managed to score 19 goals in 37 league appearances, an excellent scoring rate considering City were battling relegation for most of his time there.

That scoring rate impressed no less than Torino of Italy who Law joined in 1961, but in truth things did not turn out how he had expected. He did not speak Italian of course and Italian football was defensive and cynical, not to say actually brutal and violent. During this time though he was playing well enough that he represented the Italian League select, a fantastic honor for a foreign player. He was also voted the best foreign player in Italy by the Italian press. However, he was not really happy there and was glad when Manchester United's legendary manager, Matt Busby, came to his rescue in the Summer of 1962.

Law signed for Manchester United for another record transfer fee, this time of 115,000 British Pounds. By now he was truly one of the most famous soccer players on the planet. And this was to be the start of a golden era for both Law and Manchester United. During his time at United and playing alongside the likes of George Best, Bobby Charlton, and Paddy Crerrand, he scored 160 goals in 222 games. In 1973, after 11 years at United Law signed once again for Manchester City. Although his best playing days were behind him at the age of 33, he was still more than good enough to play for a top English team. Not only that, he was playing well enough to be chosen for Scotland in the 1974 World Cup!

However, after representing his beloved country in those 1974 World Cup Finals, Denis Law retired from football, turning down offers to play in countries all over the world.

For those of you too young to have even heard of Denis Law, ask your father or grandfather. He was an absolute goal scoring genius who lit-up every game he played in. And the million dollar question: Would he have survived in today's game? You bet he would. Genius is genius no matter what the era. Denis Law richly deserves the title of "one of the most famous soccer players" in the history of the game.

Long live the King!

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