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@premierleague (GW3) Results
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United’s Player Antonio Valencia’s Injury History

In recent times, a great number of injuries have been taking place to football players, while the cause is being investigated, with most evidence hinting at the boots that they wear. They are attempting to figure out the blades are responsible for the injuries, or the regular studs used.

There was another injury that took place to Manchester United’s player Antonio Valencia, while he ended up trapping his foot in attempt to tackle the ball. The tackle in itself was not that severe however it resulted in his leg being snapped badly.

A lot of arguments go against the turf as it is more firm and stronger than it is actually meant to be. Not only this, but also a combination of studs and turf both could be the main problem.

A preference of most players is wearing boots that have bladed studs, as it provides better acceleration while playing the game. While on a firmer ground, they tend to choose the traditional designs of circular stud.

No player is forced to wear a specific brand, nor advised about its advantages or disadvantages. Apart from wearing that brand which sponsors them, they have the liberty to choose anything according to their will.

A type of custom made shoes that go around among most players is a combination of studs and blades both. However if there are too many variations, that could lead to more problems.

Nike seems to be the only considerate brand around as it has a new range with designs such boots which have the greatest amount of stability and resistance being offered.

Nowadays, every single manufacturer makes it a point to have the lightest weighing shoes so that lesser injuries start taking place and the performance of the players can also be improved.

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طريقة رائعة لبداية مشوار الفرنسي في الكامپ نو. غريزمان يطمأن جماهير البرسا ويعلن…

طريقة رائعة لبداية مشوار الفرنسي في الكامپ نو.
غريزمان يطمأن جماهير البرسا ويعلن وجوده بقوة، الفريق كله كان جيد وعالج خسارته في الجولة الاولى بأفضل طريقة ممكنة.
يتبقى السؤال، هل سيكون غريزمان بنفس القوة والخطورة بعد عودة ميسي ؟؟ هل سيجد نفس الحرية بالتحرك داخل الملعب؟؟
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English Premier League Players to Watch For This Season (2008-2009)

Season on season stars are born in the most prestigious and glamorous league of the world. Be it goal-machine Cristiano Ronaldo or the prolific Chelsea scorer Didier Drogba or Liverpool striker Fernando Torres, everyone plays for a reason. Fame, money and substance follows the best in the breed.

Now let us look at the players who are favorites for this season of Barclays Premier League :

1 – Cristiano Ronaldo

Club: Manchester United

Position: Winger

The best and safest bet to put your money on is Cristiano Ronaldo. He has been the buzz of the summer regarding his transfer to Spanish club Real Madrid. And why not, we are talking of a player who scored 42 goals in a season, winning his team both Premier League and UEFA Champion’s league. With the news that he’s going to stay ateast for one more season at Old Trafford ManU fans can expect their third consecutive Premiership title this season.

While Sir Alex Ferguson is yet to sign a striker for the team (most proabaly Tottenham striker Dimitar Berbatov), Ronaldo along with Wayne Roonay and Tevez forms one of the most lethal forward line-up to face with. If he continues his scoring streak, he surely is the best that Premiership can offer this season.

2 – Didier Drogba

Club: Chelsea

Position: Striker

He has done it before and he can do it again. To win big games for Chelsea. A prolif striker of the ball Didier Drogab is the only player whose presence gives Chelsea any hopes of winning titles this season.

With both Premiership and UEFA Championship’s loss to rivals Manchester United being very close, Drogba will be accompanied this time by ex-Barcelona

playmaker Deco to fill up th gaps. World Cup wiining coach Luis Felipe Scolari will also accompany them for the titles this season.

3 – Fernando Torres

Club: Liverpool

Position: Striker

Right man in right time at wrong place describes ace Liverpool striker Fernando Torres the best. After his wonderful season in 2007/08 Liverpool couldnot afford any titles as they lack players in other sections of the field.

This year, with Robbie Keane partnering him towards the goal post Liverpool can hope of any miracles. But Torres is the key player, and if he scores 40+ goals and Keane adds some then who knows, they might pull off something. Afterall football isn’t always prediaction.

4 – Cesc Fabregas

Club: Arsenal

Position: Central midfielder

Young and refreshing, Cesc will return to Arsenal with winning memories of Euro Cup winning. Arsenal has lost its top players this summer, but Samir Nasri’s inclusion in the team could do some young-wonders for Arsenal.

Cesc Fabregas’s performance, both in international and club football has been promising, but comparisons of him with Thierry Henry is like expecting a lot from the young legs.

5 – Jo

Club: Manchester City

Position: Striker

This Brazilian International is no easy customer to deal with. All of 21, the product from South American soccer giant Brazil, Jo will have to play a huge role in Man City because of their financial problems to bring in good players.

6 – Peter Crouch

Club: Portsmouth

Position: Striker

The tallest player in EPL with 6’7″, Crouch is considered by many as a under-rated player. With a goal per game ratio of 2 for national team England, his presence in Liverpool was nothing more than a substitute. He surely has found a right place to play in.

This was our list of some players to watch out for this season. Let us know which players found a place in your list of favorites.

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#Jeonbukista 2019.08.25 K리그 경기장만큼 한국인이 있는 프리미어리그 2019/20 3라운드 토트넘 핫스퍼 0:1 뉴캐슬 유…


K리그 경기장만큼 한국인이 있는
프리미어리그 2019/20 3라운드
토트넘 핫스퍼 0:1 뉴캐슬 유나이티드
K리그1 3라운드 전북V강원 데쟈뷰

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Soccer Betting – The "Asian Handicap"

A draw, or tied score, is a frequent outcome in soccer. In the 2008-2009 season, almost a quarter of all Premier League matches resulted in a draw. Because such an outcome is so common, traditional betting usually involves betting within the context of three different outcomes: a win for one team, a draw, or a win for the other team. The «Asian handicap» is a means of changing this by «handicapping» the underdog by a certain percentage, meaning that a draw becomes impossible.

Most handicaps are made at intervals of one half or one quarter, meaning that there has to be a winner since it is impossible to score a half or quarter goal. The purpose is to make the odds as close to 50-50 as possible and eliminating the draw as a possible outcome. Because the odds are almost half when a handicap is applied, the payout is usually even money, or very close to it.

The primary benefit is encouraging punters to bet on matches where there is a clear favorite. For example, if Manchester United (winner of the Premier League in the 2008-2009 season) were to play West Bromwich (the bottom team of the Premier League during the same season), few punters would be interested in betting. This is because Manchester United is a much better team and the odds are strongly in their favor.

However, if West Bromwich was given a handicap of +2.5, it would mean that they would be effectively starting with a lead of 2.5 goals. This means Manchester United would have to score three goals more than West Bromwich to be the winner as far as the bet is concerned. If West Bromwich scored one goal, then Manchester would have to score four to win. Handicapping obviously changes the odds significantly.

An interesting aspect of handicapping is the push. If an even number is used for the handicap, and the actual score plus the handicap equals a draw, then this is a push. For example, if in the example given above West Bromwich was given a handicap of 2 and failed to score any goals, and Manchester United only scored two goals, this would be a push. The result of a push is that all the punters receive their original wagers returned as there was no winner.

The «Asian Handicap» adds an additional element to soccer betting that can be both fun and profitable. This form of betting can be helpful for those punters that have a personal favorite that they intend to bet on, but are not confident that their favorite will win a particular match.

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One of my bucket list was completed today. No matter the result, I’d like to giv…

One of my bucket list was completed today.🤗 No matter the result, I’d like to give them a big round of applause.👏👏👏 .
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Betfair Football Trading Strategies

Football, or Soccer, is the most popular sport on the planet and there are many people making money from it on Betfair every weekend.

Trading on this market is a lot different from what some might call traditional trading. You can’t just watch weight of money or trends to know when to get in and out of the market. Odds on football matches react to events on the pitch and can react massively. A goal or a red card will cause massive swings, so it’s important to make sure you are on the right side of this.

One such strategy to ensure you are on the right side of such swings is to Lay the Draw result. In a match between two even teams the draw odds will rise massively once a goal goes in. For example, in a recent match between Arsenal and Manchester United, the lay odds for a draw were 3.5. Manchester United took the lead in the 30th minute and these odds were now available to be backed at 5.1! A truly massive swing that would have made a lot of people a lot of money. Of course, you need to make sure you do get a goal so only look to use this strategy on games where goals look likely.

A common strategy to use on games where goals aren’t expected is to trade the under/over 2.5 market. If you back Under 2.5 pre-match you can very often trade out after the first ten minutes of the game as the odds will drop extremely quick just in the first ten minutes. For example, in the same match between Arsenal and Manchester United, the Under 2.5 odds were at 2.04 to be backed before kick off, by the 11th minute these odds were at 1.85. Some very quick and easy money to be made there!

With all football trading strategies match selection is crucial and its important you do your own research before entering the market. Also, like any true trader you must have an exit strategy or stop loss in mind!

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Del looking like most of us feel right now ☹️😐
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Rooney – A Serious Issue for United

Things have been far from rosy for Wayne Rooney for some time. An injury curtailed his excellent season last time and led to a lack of form in the run in to the season finale, an extremely disappointing World Cup, both personally and as a team followed. This season Rooney has only scored one goal, not one from open play, has looked desperately short of form, and at times, enthusiasm with constant press intrusion into his private life to boot. Rumours circulating out of Old Trafford today are that Wayne Rooney’s representative’s have ended contract negotiations with the Man United hierarchy. With players able to discuss terms with other club sin the last 6 months of their contracts, clubs get increasingly twitchy at this sort of thing, especially when Rooney is valued at circa £50million on the open market.

This situation is confused by recent evidence that Rooney has fallen out with his manager and mentor Sir Alex Ferguson. Direct rebuttal to his managers claims that his poor form is to blame on a recurring ankle injury Rooney seems determined to suggest otherwise. This is a risky strategy for sure given that Sir Alex takes no prisoners when it comes to spats with players as Paul Ince, Roy Keane, David Beckham and Japp Stam know only too well. All four high profile Old Trafford stars stepped out of line, became «too big for their boots» and challenged the authority of Sir Alex, to their cost.

Rooney would clearly have no shortage of suitors, Manchester City would love to steal another Red Devil and see Rooney line up with Tevez while Chelsea may spend big if it meant stealing their main rivals main asset. From abroad Barcelona and Real Madrid are more than certain to register interest in one of the game’s top talents. Is this the one occasion where Sir Alex can’t afford to let his man go though? Paul Ince was easily replaced with a young Paul Scholes waiting in the wings, Keane not so easily replaced but was an ageing force so Ferguson just brought forward the inevitable. Beckham took his world superstar status to Madrid but in came a young and hungry Christiano Ronaldo. Even Stam was replaced with ease with eventually Rio Ferdinand. In those four cases United were in a position of buying strength as a wealthy club, now a days the clubs debt looms high and a Rooney sale may be spent on interest payments and not players, you could even point out that Christiano Ronaldo’s £80 million sale has not been reinvested in the first team squad as evidence.

Sir Alex now faces possibly his most challenging situation in all of his years of Manchester United management, whether to stick to his guns and move a troublesome player on at risk of leaving his squad bear of World Class talent or to look to reconcile with Rooney and risk pandering to player power, whatever he does the clock is ticking as Rooney’s contract gets closer to it’s expiry date.

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