Rooney – A Serious Issue for United

Things have been far from rosy for Wayne Rooney for some time. An injury curtailed his excellent season last time and led to a lack of form in the run in to the season finale, an extremely disappointing World Cup, both personally and as a team followed. This season Rooney has only scored one goal, not one from open play, has looked desperately short of form, and at times, enthusiasm with constant press intrusion into his private life to boot. Rumours circulating out of Old Trafford today are that Wayne Rooney’s representative’s have ended contract negotiations with the Man United hierarchy. With players able to discuss terms with other club sin the last 6 months of their contracts, clubs get increasingly twitchy at this sort of thing, especially when Rooney is valued at circa £50million on the open market.

This situation is confused by recent evidence that Rooney has fallen out with his manager and mentor Sir Alex Ferguson. Direct rebuttal to his managers claims that his poor form is to blame on a recurring ankle injury Rooney seems determined to suggest otherwise. This is a risky strategy for sure given that Sir Alex takes no prisoners when it comes to spats with players as Paul Ince, Roy Keane, David Beckham and Japp Stam know only too well. All four high profile Old Trafford stars stepped out of line, became «too big for their boots» and challenged the authority of Sir Alex, to their cost.

Rooney would clearly have no shortage of suitors, Manchester City would love to steal another Red Devil and see Rooney line up with Tevez while Chelsea may spend big if it meant stealing their main rivals main asset. From abroad Barcelona and Real Madrid are more than certain to register interest in one of the game’s top talents. Is this the one occasion where Sir Alex can’t afford to let his man go though? Paul Ince was easily replaced with a young Paul Scholes waiting in the wings, Keane not so easily replaced but was an ageing force so Ferguson just brought forward the inevitable. Beckham took his world superstar status to Madrid but in came a young and hungry Christiano Ronaldo. Even Stam was replaced with ease with eventually Rio Ferdinand. In those four cases United were in a position of buying strength as a wealthy club, now a days the clubs debt looms high and a Rooney sale may be spent on interest payments and not players, you could even point out that Christiano Ronaldo’s £80 million sale has not been reinvested in the first team squad as evidence.

Sir Alex now faces possibly his most challenging situation in all of his years of Manchester United management, whether to stick to his guns and move a troublesome player on at risk of leaving his squad bear of World Class talent or to look to reconcile with Rooney and risk pandering to player power, whatever he does the clock is ticking as Rooney’s contract gets closer to it’s expiry date.

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A Short Biography of Soccer Player – Louis Saha

His complete name is Louis Laurent Saha. He was born on 8 August 1978 in Paris, France. Saha is a soccer player of French who has a playing position in the field as a forward. In the Premier League currently he plays for Everton club and in his countryside he is a member of the national squad of France.

His first appearance with France is in 2004 when his team won 2-0 against Belgium. Louis Saha stood for France team at the 2004 European Football Championships as well as the 2006 FIFA World Cup which his team got to the final.

His career in club level is with Metz, Fulham, Manchester United, and then Everton. In 1996 Louis Saha began his soccer career with Metz youth academy. In two years Saha starts on the senior lineup of Metz and getting into 47 appearances in favor of the club. In 2000 Saha was moved to Fulham for a fee of £2.1million and as long as his stay at the club in amount of 120 appearances he made 63 goals. In 2004 He was moved to Manchester United club with transfer value of £12.8 million. And in his first season he scored 15 goals for them. He was transferred to Everton for an unrevealed cost, making a sign of a two year agreement with this club.

Saha won same honors as long as his career as professional soccer player and some of them are with Fulham (Football League First Division (1): 2000-2001), and with Manchester United (Premier League (2): 2006-2007, 2007- 2008; Football League Cup (1): 2005- 2006; UEFA Champions League (1): 2007- 2008).

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Playing It Safe – The Future Of West Ham United

While the move is widely expected to attract new investment to the club which could potentially fund their rise in the league the owners need to tread very carefully. While they have purchased a few players in this summers transfer window with more expected arrivals they need to ensure one thing stays the same. The club must remain a Premier League outfit. A drop into the Championship for The Hammers would scupper all current plans for the club and their move and could spell financial meltdown. The biggest opportunity for West Ham will be the advertising possibilities after their move. The Olympic Stadium will still host some of the biggest sporting events even after they move in and the Hammers will have full control over advertising no matter what the sport. The income this could generate could elevate the club into a financial state they have never been in before.

The talk amongst West Ham fans who agree with the move is that the new stadium, extra funds and bigger exposure could lead to West Ham being taken over in the same way teams like Chelsea and Manchester United have and have a multi-billionaire who would be more than willing to pump millions into West Ham to get them World Class players and push for a first ever Premier League win. Of course this is wishful thinking and while most of the teams outside of the top four of the Premier League wish this the chances of it happening are very slim. When Chelsea was taken over by Roman they had no worries of spending and salary caps and the Man City owners came in just before the cap came into play meaning that they could spend £ 100 + million rebuilding their squads but West Ham may not have the same opportunities and will have to settle for a very slow build to the team with substantial investment in the following 3-5 years after their stadium move further up the table and maybe fight for the Premier League.

In my opinion the move to the Olympic Stadium was the right one to make and the two David's are making funds available to Big Sam to try and stay in the Premier League but I just feel that the club has to be very cautious going forward. They recently told Big Sam that he needs to adapt a more attacking style of play to entertain the fans but this is a manager that is the king of not getting relegated and keeping a team in the top flight. The fans are with him one week and against him the next but fans need to understand that his job for the next couple of years is none other than to ensure survival in the Premier League. Better things will come and in the years to come West Ham fans may be singing "We are the champions" but for the time being do as you've always done best and get behind your team and manager no matter the match outcome and be that important 12th man you have always been for the club.

West Ham will move to the Olympic Stadium in 2016.

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Premier League Gameweek 3 FT: Spurs 0 – 1 Newcastle 27′ Joelinton . __________…

Premier League
Gameweek 3

FT: Spurs 0 – 1 Newcastle
⚽ 27′ Joelinton .

FT: Bournemouth 1 – 3 Man City
⚽ 45+3′ Harry Wilson
⚽ 15′ Sergio Agüero
⚽ 43′ Raheem Sterling
⚽ 64′ Sergio Agüero
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Chelsea Back on Top of Premier League

Chelsea goes to the top of the Premier League after they managed to win at Old Trafford rivals Manchester United.

Without Rooney, team’s star, injured in the Champions League match against Bayern Munich, the home team did not matter very much in the offensive phase. «The Blues» started the game better and in the 20th minute, Joe Cole managed to put Chelsea in front after scoring a fabulous goal with his back heel after a great pass from Malouda. Chelsea fully deserved their lead having dominated the opening quarter of the game.

Referee Mike Dean wanted to have an important role in this game denying a penalty kick for each team.

After the break, Sir Alex Ferguson’s boys have played better, but those who scored again are Chelsea: Drogba change the scoring board to 2-0 in 79th minute. Ancelotti did not send the Ivorian star on the field from the first minute, throwing him into battle just with 9 minutes before scoring.

An inspired change was made in the 72nd minute when Ferguson sent on the field Nani and Macheda, the two worked together to stage the perfect 81 minute when Manchester Italian kid managed to reduce the difference.

United had their best part of the game with Ryan Giggs pulling the strings, but Berbatov, the man of whom so much was expected in Rooney’s absence, was just off target with a couple of headers and, off balance, a very disappointing night for the Bulgarian striker who had one last real good chance for Manchester United late, but it was well saved by Petr Cech.

In the end «The Blues» were worthy winners, having a good ball possession and creating more goal chances.

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Ronaldo – Slave or Hero?

Apparently Ronaldo is being treated like ‘a modern day slave’ according to FIFA President Sepp Blatter. Manchester United’s refusal to allow Ronaldo to leave for Real Madrid is tantamount to slavery.

And he believes Manchester United and Real Madrid should» sit together» if Ronaldo wants a move to the Spanish club.

«If the player wants to play somewhere else, then a solution should be found,» commented Blatter.

«Because if he stays in a club where he does not feel comfortable to play then it’s no good for the player and for the club.

«I’m always in favour to protect the player and if the player wants to leave, let him leave.»

Whilst Blatter has a point in that it is pointless trying to keep a player tied to a club if he wants to leave, comparing such players to ‘modern day slaves’ is an insult to those people who really are ‘modern day slaves’. Ronaldo ,football genius he is, earns more in a week than children in Asia will earn in a lifetime, he lives in mansions, wears the best clothes, drives the best cars, holidays in the best hotels. Real ‘modern day slaves’ do not have enough to eat, live in houses without sanitation or water or electricity – in my view Blatter pampered and spoiled bureaucrat that he is should think about what he is saying and try to be a little more thoughtful in his responses.

And anyway what about loyalty- should Ronaldo not have some measure of loyalty to the club that has helped bring him universal acclaim? Is there no loyalty in football any more or merely a wish for more and more money and prizes? So will Ronaldo stop playing if he is forced to stay at Manchester United or will he display a new maturity and still play at his peak?

On the subject of slaves are not 90% of the population who work in normal jobs, who are not fortunate enough to possess genius or the adulation of millions slaves also?

What do you think?

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