Lindsay Rosenwald – His Journey to Biosciences

Paramount Bio Sciences, LLC, a global pharmaceutical development and health care investment company, was founded and managed by Dr. Lindsay A. Rosenwald in 1991. The company facilitates drug development, scientific support and dedicates itself to finding and developing novel therapeutic medicines with large potential. By assessing promising drug candidates worldwide, Paramount has been able to create, nurture, and support more than 40 life sciences companies, academic centers, biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms over the past 19 years, including 20 in the last 48 months. Current Portfolio Companies have over 40 product candidates advancing through clinical trials.

Unique approach to bio tech investment

Business and product development are just two pieces in the Paramount puzzle. An affiliate of Paramount Bio Sciences – Paramount Bio Capital, Inc., is a FINRA registered broker-dealer that, among other activities, raises capital for the Paramount Portfolio Companies. It raised over $1 billion for the Portfolio Companies; several times that amount has been raised for Paramount Companies by other entities. While venture capital and private equity firms tend to be investment-oriented, Paramount’s bias is on the operational side. It establishes companies from the ground up, using its own capital and eventually funds raised from diverse private and institutional investors through Paramount Bio Sciences and other banks and broker-dealers on Wall Street. Surely, Paramount’s experience in finance and business areas helps make the model attractive to potential licensors and chief executive officers.

With Paramount Capital largely handling accounting, financial, market analytical and legal functions, managers of its Portfolio Companies can focus largely on driving drug candidates through the clinic and creating value for shareholders, licensors and the patient community.

Infrastructure and Company Building at Paramount

Paramount includes an extensive support infrastructure with experience in licensing, clinical development, corporate operations, and navigating regulatory pathways. Every new portfolio company at Paramount Bio Sciences is built around intriguing science and commercial potential. The Portfolio Companies are operated by Paramount Capital through a dedicated first-class management at the company level, as well as through business and clinical development and operations specialists working for Paramount in New York. Chelsea Therapeutics, for example, initially was created or founded by Dr. Rosenwald around a novel anti-folate being developed for the treatment of inflammatory conditions that included rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and psoriasis. Chelsea’s compound, CH-1504, has demonstrated superiority in terms of both safety and efficacy over Methotrexate, the current treatment standard for RA, which has been found to elevate liver enzymes in many patients. Paramount Capital licensed this technology from the University of South Alabama and assembled a world-class management team to help optimize its formulation and advance the development of this and other compounds.

Another academic license from Paramount is a portfolio of organic arsenic trioxide compounds licensed from the MD Anderson Cancer Center. This FDA approved compound progressed from IND to NDA in about 30 months and this is the fastest regulatory approval in the FDA history. Trisenox, an inorganic alternative of arsenic trioxide, which can product produces cardiac abnor¬malities at high doses. By contrast with the inorganic version, organic arsenic trioxide does not show evidence of these problems, even when used at doses 20 times higher than Trisenox. To leverage that advantage, Dr. Rosenwald founded Ziopharm Oncology to advance this organic arsenic compound, ZIO-101, to treat cancers, including solid tumors, where mega dosing has proven effective. Ziopharm Oncology, as one of many Paramount’s portfolio companies, subsequently has in-licensed and is developing several other anti-cancer agents.

Another Paramount portfolio company, founded and managed by Lindsay Rosenwald M.D., is Keryx Bio pharmaceuticals. It is developing a compound called Sulonex, which is an oral therapy for diabetic nephropathy. It was licensed from the Alfa Wassermann Group, a privately held pharmaceutical firm in Bologna, Italy. If approved, Sulonex will be marketed to 15 million people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes as well as the 1 to 2 million patients with Type 1 diabetes.

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