Inter Jose Mourinho?

With Inter Milan’s expulsion from the champions’ league by Liverpool last night it would seem that a possible change in management may be something they need next season. Jose Mourinho and Marcello Lippi are the most obvious candidates as they are clubless but Lippi has managed Inter in the past without success so that leaves Mourinho

There are 5 or possibly 6 big jobs to become available next summer and 2 great managers currently without a job.

The teams that may be looking for another manager next season include Spanish giants, Real Madrid, who are said to be unhappy with the aloofness and bizarre behaviour of current manager Bernd Schuster; Barcelona, where it seems they go from 1 controversy to another with players seemingly unhappy, Leo Messi’s medical condition, Ronaldinho’s poor form and the general belief that coach Frank Rijkard is just plain inept at his job.

The other possibilities include Chelsea where it clear that Avram Grant is not up to the task and never would be; Liverpool that the directors are at loggerheads with the manager and only champions’ league victory would seemingly suffice, if that; AC Milan, where it seems a cycle is coming to an end and Inter Milan where the manager has announced that he is leaving at the end of the season.

The 2 outstanding managers currently without a club are Jose Mourinho and Marcello Lippi. It has been well documented in the past that Barcelona and Real Madrid are courting Jose and in Barcelona’s case even Lippi as well.

There are 2 potential problems here; the 1st being that Lippi would not want to manage in a place that he cannot speak the language and it seems he would rather manage AC Milan. With Mourinho, the problem is that Madrid and Barcelona public would not warm to his pragmatic approach to management and in Barcelona’s case, he already has enemies there with both his brand of football and past antics with Chelsea against them.

I cannot see him going back to Chelsea so soon and he has said he would go back to England someday in the future but not immediately so that leaves AC Milan or Inter Milan.

Looking at both clubs and the way they operate, Jose would not tolerate the interference that goes on at Milan and would not take kindly to the kind of very old players that Carlo Ancelotti has had to put up with as others make buying decisions on his behalf.

So that leaves Inter Milan, a club where club president Massimo Moratti and Mourinho have already made mutual praises of each other in the past. Inter are exactly the kind of club Jose needs and vice versa. They have resources, a club president that does not always interfere and provides money for new players.

Players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic that seem to suffer a mental breakdown in big matches would be cajoled into greatness by Jose as he has developed the career of people like Joe Cole and Deco in the past.

He is exactly what the club needs in the champions’ league as they have consistently underperformed in the competition despite the fact that they have 1 of the strongest squads in the world.

The fans do not crave beautiful football so that would not be a problem for Jose as he doesn’t either and he would be given carte blanche to bring in the players he likes and with Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard seemingly unhappy at Chelsea, he may entice them there as well as Deco at Barcelona.

Two other teams that may be looking at a new manager depending on how the season finishes for them are Juventus and Valencia. Whilst Jose would be perfect for Juventus, they would have to prove that they can afford him and are on a par with his vision. But judging by their current board and some of their decisions this season, it would not appear that Jose is the 1 for them whilst Valencia do not have the kind of money to compete consistently with Barcelona and Real Madrid in Spain and the Premiership sides in the champions’ league.

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