NAPOLI-MILAN 2-2 | HIGHLIGHTS | The sides split the points in four-goal thriller | Serie A 2023/24

Olivier Giroud’s brace wasn’t enough for the Rossoneri to secure what would’ve been a precious win in Naples as the reigning champions fought back and levelled the scoring through Politano and Raspadori’s goals | Serie A 2023/24

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33 opiniones en “NAPOLI-MILAN 2-2 | HIGHLIGHTS | The sides split the points in four-goal thriller | Serie A 2023/24”

  1. Rudi Garcia is not the right coach of Napoli, his track records were so bad in his last few teams, Napoli playing football with confuse and don't know what are they doing anymore 🤦

  2. To the owner and director of AC.milan ,AC.milan should buy old players,Sharp attackers and strong defender from the Dutch league and the French league

  3. Olivier's masterclass in the first half was insane, I think this one of the biggest matches I've ever watched since both these clubs have amazing history like Maradona in Napoli and old AC teamwith the likes of Gattuso, Maldini, Nesta, Baresi, Dida, Seedorf, R9 etc.

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