Christian Pulisic scores a stunner, Luka Jović decisive as AC Milan beat Frosinone!

AC Milan beat Frosinone at the San Siro as new recruits get on the scoresheet.

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34 opiniones en “Christian Pulisic scores a stunner, Luka Jović decisive as AC Milan beat Frosinone!”

  1. I liked it where you reacted to pulisic goal, and shouted let's go and you were literally going, but then realized it is better to sit down 😂

  2. Hey, one of best takes out of the English AC Milan casters. If you’re up for an additional that you can add, I would love to hear how the Italian fans and media are liking the Americans. I’m assuming you are checking that stuff out.

  3. yeah i’m not too concerned about not making it out the group. It’s a very tough group. Aslong as we qualify for UCL next year and hopefully win Serie A i would be happy.

  4. Pulisic is at his best when he changes pace. You'll notice it when he's feeling it. He'll speed up and then slow down then hit the gas again. It sounds simple but it's different look for it and you'll notice what it does to defenders.

  5. CP's ourstanding goal reminds me of the away goal at Real Madrid in the CL where Rudiger passes a similar long ball that CP pulls down with a brilliant first touch, dribbles around Courtois laterally and kicks the ball between 2 defenders for the only goal of the game. He would have had an assist if Timo W had not missed a sitter before that happened. Unfortunately, Coach TT in his "wisdom" did not start CP the 2nd game, but T.Werner still started tne the home game against RM. Go figure!?

  6. I'm glad to see Jovic picking up some steam. We need him as a ST. Can't have a Origi 2.0 at Milan. Oh yeah & Benaccer is a DON! Happy he's back as well 😁

  7. (Sarcasm intended)

    He’s just average. It’s a farmer’s league. He’s not good enough. He’s a hack. He’s overhyped. Nobody would know who he is if he wasn’t American. He’s only there to sell jerseys. He was a hiring mistake. He was overpriced. He’s injury prone. He will never play more than 20 games. Chukweze is way better and will bench him in a couple of games. Anyone can score in Series A. In the PL, he’d never have had the space to get the shot off. He’s too small. He’s too frail. He’s lost a couple of steps. He has tissue paper hamstrings. He can’t shoot. His father holds him back. His mother holds him back. He only shows up for the national team. He belongs in MLS. He’s no Chucky (Lozano). There are 3 better wingers than him on the team and he shouldn’t start over any of them. He’s a practice squad player. He loses the ball too much. He tries to beat too many players. He can’t play defense. Americans only think he is good at “soccer” because they don’t understand the game. Not the LeBron James of anything. He is abusive to fish. That’s not a world class goal (picks ball out of air from 60 yards and settles it like a feather on his foot on a dead sprint, beats 3 defenders and the keeper with a deftly chipped goal at speed).

    The word the haters are looking for is RESPECT.

  8. Pulisic may never be considered "world class" but is still a VERY good, very versatile player. He's completely two footed, has a great first touch, makes intelligent runs off the ball and is always willing to work defensively for the team.

  9. Pulisic pitch IQ is heavily underrated. Very smart player. While a lot of people would like to see him as a #10, I think it takes away from his creativity with the way he moves off the ball when he plays out wide. He’s not your typical winger. He is hard to figure out at times. The way he draws defenders in playing out wide allows him to make those smart passes to the middle of the pitch and those runs to cut In.

  10. Good win. Jovic needs to step up no question. Hope he will build on this. But the injury woe is still the main concern for this Milan team. Just do not have confidence on this team to achieve consistent results. Feeling like the end of banter era when we won a great game and lost the next miserably. At one point, the question is who to blame for these injuries. Medical team? Pioli and training staff? Or even the ground conditions at Milanello..

  11. As a Liverpool fan I think if Loftus cheek wasn’t injured earlier in the season Milan would have been higher up the table

  12. Jovic showed uo with a goal and assist. He made great touches just like against Fiorentina. I hope he'll keep improving

  13. The attack of Pulisic and Leao is great but Milan still need a few key pieces to go up a level, and I am not sure if they are going to be able to get those to really challenge in the CL.

  14. Tomori look like he is growing mentally, moths ago was a player always in a hurry in everything while now i see him more calm and careful when he defend, i hope he continue this way becouse now is crucial for us, next game kjaer should come back but personally I feel more safe with theo as a central back

  15. Physically speaking, Jovic is a beast and has the skills to become a brutal number 9, however, going to Madrid so soon and the massive expectations that were placed on him kind of destroyed his form and confidence, at this Milan, now he has a chance to home back his skills now that he is surrounded with good wingers that can supply him the goals he needs, who knows? Maybe we can find the striker we are looking for in Jovic, but Pioli SERIOUSLY needs to put him to play, as much as i love Giroud, we can't rely on him every single game.

    And Theo as a Centerback, the guy is going to be the second coming of Maldini in this Era, while he is not as good as defending, the way he was distributing the ball from behind was something incredible.

  16. Important win and a good reaction to the completely unnecessary Maldini interview. Jovic with 1 goal and 2 assists since the int. break stepping up big when he is most needed. Those points he helped us gain in Serie A probably "pay" for his contract already.

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