Khvicha Kvaratskhelia Penalty Miss Vs AC Milan 😲

AC Milan vs Napoli UCL 2023 All Goals & Extended Highlights

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Kvaratskhelia Penalty Miss Vs AC Milan
Kvaratskhelia penalty miss milan

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32 opiniones en “Khvicha Kvaratskhelia Penalty Miss Vs AC Milan 😲”

  1. He was so nervous, if you look from a television camera angle, he wasn’t even looking at the keeper, he just looked at the ball and straight went for a dull kick. Who in the right mind thought it was a good idea to let him take this penalty with him being under so much pressure. Di lorenzo is the captain and he should have taken it imo. Mike actually took advantage of kvicha’s inexperience and nervousness tbh the way i see it, because he knew exactly where the dull kick would have been shot

  2. He should let somebody else to hit penalty, it was clear that he'll miss it, he had a pressure on him and clearly was way to nervous missing easy enough kicks (and penalty vs Eintracht) in last 3 Champion league's games….

  3. What's funny? Year ago he played in Georgian league and now he's superstar. Meanwhile your biggest achievement will be getting 10k likes on YouTube. Put aside that penalty and he's been only one creating something meaningful against Milan in all games

  4. Can someone explain to me why this was an allegedly pure penalty whereas in last Gran Derbi the same sotuation was allegedly a pure No penalty? No controversy, No var in zgran Derbi after Alaba's hand and here 100% penalty?!

  5. He looks tilted because of the heavy marking. Not sure who decides it’s a good idea letting a tilted-man do a pen. Osimhen looks calm and hopeful.

    But oh well… mistakes are made and Napoli will have next season unless they sold all their star players

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