AC Milan SELL Sandro Tonali to Newcastle United, fans stunned!

AC Milan fans given yet another shock by new ownership group as future captain Sandro Tonali is sold to Premier League side Newcastle United.

0:00 Intro
0:34 Tonali to Newcaster
4:15 Thuram to Milan
5:58 Chukwueze to Milan
7:15 Arda Duler to Milan
8:11 Openda to Milan
8:52 Theo Hernandez to Atletico Madrid
9:42 Kamada to Milan

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34 opiniones en “AC Milan SELL Sandro Tonali to Newcastle United, fans stunned!”

  1. we are do lucky to have redbird as owners. we are so lucky that they got rid of maldini and that now they are getting rid of players worth the most in the club.
    Cant wait until Thuram.. Oh he 's gone. Despite making offers that would break our wage cap. Cant wait until… Oh , theyre all gone. Inter are allowed to turn down offers , despite their financial situation. None of the players you've highlighted are coming. Milan has no project and players can see that. Pioli calling anyone is about as attractive as a steaming pile of turd.

  2. Maldini, Brahim, Zlatan and now Tonali, probably Theo will leave too, only when we started to look like a good team here comes the ownership to fk this team up.

  3. I'm excited to have him but saddened by the apparent plight of AC. We've been there under the previous ownership. You'll bounce back

  4. this is heartbreaking…for Tonali. who cares about our feelings. a team needs players who love the club…now has Thuram gone to Inter? the way the mngt. is moving…who'd want to come here…

  5. European Superleague, pah. The problem with that idea is that it is the polar opposite of what is required, the big clubs already have it weighted in their favour. The more the same clubs appear in the CL, the less interesting the product becomes.

  6. Always need a salary cap once the traditionally gigantic clubs can't afford the players they've felt should be their right to sign.
    There won't be a salary cap. And you'll all have to deal with it ✌🏾

  7. man utd are limited to a 100 million budget i can't see them spending their whole budget to sign theo at least until either sell a major player or are taken over by a new owner.

    As for the super league who knows maybe something has been agreed in secret for me it really hard to see milan make the kind of money red bird expects with participating in that competition.

  8. Im really upset about this, the only positive is if Milan reinvest this into creating a better midfield with the likes of Frattesi and SMS.

  9. Kush I guarantee that Cardinale will pocket most of the money and only use 30 million of it to find our entire mercato.

  10. We are not in the position to turn down $80M offers, simple as that. Our sugar daddy era was over when Berlusconi (R.I.P) sold the club. Unfortunately he failed to turn it into a viable business for the future. So the new owners are doing just that. Fans need to understand. We need a new stadium ASAP. Everyone who's been to San Siro knows how incredibly outdated it is and we don't even own it. Marketing also has to improve, and even the scouting etc.

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