Landon Donovan’s comments about Christian Pulisic ‘ARE RIDICULOUS!’ – Nedum Onuoha | ESPN FC

On ESPN FC, Alejandro Moreno, Shaka Hislop, Nedum Onuoha and Nicky Bandini join the show to discuss Christian Pulisic’s reported move to AC Milan and Landon Donovan’s questions about what this could mean for his USMNT future heading into the 2026 World Cup.
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38 opiniones en “Landon Donovan’s comments about Christian Pulisic ‘ARE RIDICULOUS!’ – Nedum Onuoha | ESPN FC”

  1. Pulisic is a front runner in my opinion. Lacks the fire to really drag himself up and the team when the chips are down. We see the fire and swagger when the US are leading and have their tails up, but constantly disappears in matches where things are not going the US's way and if you listen to his comments (and his dads) while he struggled at Chelsea tells me its a player who doesn't take a lot of responsibility for his misfortunes. At the WC he barely showed up. Had he been the best performing player on the team as he's hyped up to be the US would have gone much further. Great potential but I think he lacks the fortitude. See him in the MLS within a year or so. If he had Dempsey's mentality he'd be the best player the US has ever had by a wide margin. Instead we have a guy who plateaued 5 years ago.

  2. Why the false dilemma? AC Milan vs MLS is kind of like saying well if I can't have my own private jet then I'll take the 3 days trip on the cheapest bus. There's a lot in between. Why not the likes of Brighton, Villarreal, Betis or dozen of perfectly good clubs that aren't necessarily packed with superstars.
    May I remind you that most of the Argentina squad didn't and doesn't play for the super teams. Lo Celso is at Villarreal, Enzo Fernández was at Benfica, macallister at Brighton, Julian Álvarez was a sub for Man City, Emi Martínez at Aston Villa IIRC. Most of the squad made of players playing for good but not super clubs in Europe. Of course you have Messi, but my point is still valid.

    There's also this disaster mentality that if a player has a bad spell at a club then it's a catastrophe. Riquelme couldn't make it in Barcelona ended in Villarreal, Di Maria had a bad season at Man Utd ended in Psg, De Bruyne didn't perform well at Chelsea either… And you could sort of add Messi at Psg to that list. A lot of players have a slump in their careers but that doesn't mean they are bad. It took Samuel eto' years before he clicked on Mallorca allowing him to flourish in Barcelona. And the list goes on and on. So there are thousands of option for Pulisic before the MLS.


  4. I would consider Pulisic to be lucky that there are still a european club who wanted to sign him, it's good to revive his career too. MLS is just not the move he should do just yet, Landon is just jealous of Pulisic meanwhile he couldn't make it in Bundesliga…. 💀

  5. Unpopular opinion: Donovan wasn't wrong. He needs to play, period. At this point, it doesn't matter where. If MLS can guarantee him that, he should take it. Europe is obviously the creme of the crop as it pertains to soccer/football, but he's in a rougher spot than people want to admit. He's not some 18 year old with all the promise in the world anymore. He's going to be 25 in September. Still young but time goes by quicker than we all like to admit. He NEEDS play time and experience. MLS would offer him that in spades. I'm not sure he'll get the playtime everyone is expecting in Milan.

  6. US Soccer has to divorce itself from MLS. It doesn't have to be hateful or bitter, but too many USMNT players are ra-ra-ra for MLS. I understand the need to develop a domestic league but at the elite level of starting national 11, those players better be seeking opportunities abroad. Playing with European leagues exposes players to WC quality and international flavors. It's vital for USMNT success. Landon's comments are more about cheerleading for MLS than about what is best for USMNT or Pulisic.

  7. Landon Donovan is doing the equivalent of when women tell another women to cut their hair so they won't shine brighter than them.

  8. Donovan had 2 very successful stints with Everton. And didn’t do too badly at world cups either. Where have these pundits played ?

  9. Landon just wants Cristian to play in MLS. Pulisic is just over rated when it comes to comparing him with other players in Europe. The media is to blame for that. Pulisic is young and at the level he’s playing I believe he will be a good rotational player. Landon Donovan still the greatest U.S. player of all time.

  10. It’s funny how Americans focus on the World Cup so much. It’s not what it’s all about. They just don’t understand

  11. Theres this bubble that exists with alexi lalas and landon donovan and some other UMNT followers that think the MLS is a top league

  12. No way!!! He has to fined a team in the elite leagues, but get game time, but. Yes what happened to “fighting for your spot”

  13. Donovan is getting jelly, he couldn't make it in Europe like Pulisic. Cmon man, PASS THE TORCH dude, jeeze.

  14. If he goes to the MLS it will just make the slander worse and probably will effectively end his career, he probably would never go back to Europe. No need for him to go to the MLS at this stage in his career, he still has time to live up to his potential, and anyone who disagrees with that is either clueless, or biased against Americans for one reason or another. I will admit he hasn’t been great at Chelsea, but he undeniably has immense talent, and with sufficient game time and backing from the fans and manager, he could be a legitimate star. Maybe once he’s in his mid to late 30s, he can go to the MLS, but right now he’s 24, it would be an absolute waste for him to go to the MLS and I would be extremely disappointed as a USMNT fan and a football fan in general.

  15. One thing kind of funny about this… both "Scraps" Burley and Old Man Nicols have basically said the same thing about Puli.

    How come these guys don't jump down their throats about it 😉? Their comments about Pulisic for the last 2 years are every bit as ridiculous.

  16. This mentality is literally the main factor as to why the USMNT has struggled to develop over the past decade. Everyone involved in US Soccer is more worried about pushing the brand and glory of the MLS than doing what is actually best for the players and their development.

  17. dude even when you're riding the bench every game youre still training 6 days/week. he'll be in stellar form, playing or not. you could make the argument that no playing time means less chance of injury as well. what do you think landon, he's better off playing for the whitecaps??? he's a superstar. Just cause you never played in europe doesn't mean he should be stuck in the MLS like you. Also landon, you're balding, good GOD! Get some implants!

  18. Bruh Donovan is a joke, a lot of playtime with no competition will not make you a better player or keep you in good form, that’s exactly why Donovan was never that good. He spent his best years in the MLS building his ego rather than challenging himself against good competition & actually getting better. Why do you think Zlatan thrived here & still decided to go to Milan when the option was there?

  19. Fight for your spot? If pulisic was as good as you guys say he is he doesn't have to fight for your spot he should own the spot. He's been in Europa for almost 4yrs and he has done nothing. The same happens with Mexican players, European teams don't give American nor Mexican players a real chance. As soon as the teams management can make some $$ out of our players they arw gone without getting a real chance to prove themselves.

  20. remember everyone blamed and criticized Klinsmann when he said that American players needed to play in Europe in order to compete against the BIG teams of the world. He was 100% right. Pulisic Buona Fortuna.

  21. ESPN. Thank God for her input. Donovan was pay to play from day one, anyone who knows anything knows that. Christian is the LITERALLY the same. There was another comment I saw about Dempsey. He was it. The Best American Player. When did Landon have a prime??? Never. At least Clint actually…this is a joke.

  22. I agree with Landon; Americans have never thrived abroad. 2014 USA arguably the nation’s best World Cup squad performed so well because more than half were MLS with familiarity; style, pace, chemistry was evident on the pitch that tournament.

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