Napoli-Roma 2-1 | Simeone clinches late win for Napoli: Goals & Highlights | Serie A 2022/23

The league leaders continued their winning streak after a hard-fought battle with Roma at the Diego Maradona Stadium; Spalletti’s men are now 13 points clear of second-placed Inter | Serie A 2022/23

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Camisetas Paris Saint-Germain Un jugador muere por un golpe en un partido de fútbol. EFE. Javier Tebas acompaña la cena de Nochebuena de Cruz Blanca Huesca.

26 opiniones en “Napoli-Roma 2-1 | Simeone clinches late win for Napoli: Goals & Highlights | Serie A 2022/23”

  1. The team grabbed their luck. The players are matched perfectly, all in their positions. I haven't seen such teamwork for a long time

  2. @Serie A It's a disgrace that you didn't show a brilliant run by Zielinski which set up the whole first goal. That's the beauty of football and you cut it off.

  3. I have never seen such a brilliant team. I amazed how happy they are with each other , Who cares who scores goal ,they are each other. Everyone loves each other , how can you not love them all together . Where did such a team come from, you think they grow up together since childhood . Respect Spalletti

  4. Napoli are the only competent team in serie A. This is why they are making a mockery of the league. They have put together a player / manager combination that is untouchable in a league where every opponent has gaps in their make up.

  5. Osimhen had the whole of Italy at his feet. From his humble backgrounds and the admiration of his continent, this is quite special. Remarkable story if he goes on to win the scudetto for Napoli

  6. I dont think there's a clearer champion this Season.Juventus minus 15 points it's a rap.Great ucl team im on them now for sure .Ousami breth taking goal I still think of the 4 1 vs my reds it could have been way worse

  7. თამაშის კადრები სტადიონიდან. ქართული ვლოგი სტადიონებიდან. შემოდით ჩვენთან

  8. Lo scudetto è del Napoli. Nessuna squadra può fermare i guerrieri di Maradona. La migliore squadra del mondo è il Napoli FC. Forza Napoli Sempre!!!!!!!!!

  9. Maradona Stadium now resonates with greatness. Osimhen goal is a reminder of how far he has evolved as a prolific striker. Napoli might just win the league if they continue with this team display.

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