Milan-Torino 0-1 AET | Stunning Torino Victory: Goal&Highlights | Coppa Italia Frecciarossa 2022/23

10-man Torino held on to claim an absolutely spectacular win at the San Siro. Djidji was sent off for the away side in the second half of normal time then Adopo stepped up in dramatic fashion to seal Torino’s spot into the next round | Coppa Italia Frecciarossa 2022/23

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0:00 Highlights
2:15 Michel Adopo

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39 opiniones en “Milan-Torino 0-1 AET | Stunning Torino Victory: Goal&Highlights | Coppa Italia Frecciarossa 2022/23”

  1. Само џин од 2,02 метра морам да кажем да га пратим из Бразила још од његове 21, 22 године… Никада га нисам критиковао… Увек сам веровао у тебе гиганте ❤❤❤😼 👍🏻

  2. Milan, I love you guys but you have been the cause of my sleepless nights. First it was with Roma and now 10 men Torino. I watched this match and I didn’t see any hunger from the boys

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