Milan-Roma 2-2 | Abraham scores in injury time! Goals & Highlights | Serie A 2022/23

Against the run of play, Roma scored twice in the last 6 minutes at San Siro to deny Milan the win after the Rossoneri dominated for large parts of the match | Serie A 2022/23

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0:00 Highlights
0:34 Pierre Kalulu; Milan-Roma 1-0
1:36 Tommaso Pobega; Milan-Roma 2-0
2:05 Roger Ibanez; Milan-Roma 2-1
2:27 Tammy Abraham; Milan-Roma 2-2

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47 opiniones en “Milan-Roma 2-2 | Abraham scores in injury time! Goals & Highlights | Serie A 2022/23”

  1. This match is an example of how a manager can lose 2 points by making the worst subs and not reading the game. Pioli out

  2. Incredible mindset, love this Roma even down 2-0 by the 70'th minute they still don't accept it and keep fighting to the very end, champions in a few seasons if nothing drastic happens a matter of time with this mindset, just gotta stay hungry and go all out for it and they can definitely get it

  3. Tammy is the only player to break the no 9 curse at Chelsea. Such a quality player I never knew why they let him go.

  4. i still didn't understand why Portugal hired Roberto Martinez instead of Jose Mourinho. I mean Roberto Martinez already got bad reputation with Belgium team this world cup then why Portugal still hired him ??? It is more suitable for Portugal to hire coach who was born in Portugal just like Jose Mourinho

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  6. This result is smoke in the eyes Roma is playing bad and to defensive soon as Morinho is sacked better is for club

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