29 opiniones en “Ronaldinho Top 8 Iconic Performances for AC Milan”

  1. wow he was only 28 at ac milan it looked so unfit. he was my fav player growing up so sad he didn't play at his best for longer 🙁

  2. People: Ronaldinho was only great at his prime
    Me: ronaldinho after his prime is better than your fav player at his prime 😉

  3. اخترقات ميسي + مهارات نيمار + ركلات بيكهام+ سرعة ظاهره =رونالدينيو

  4. I watch several of Jay-Jay Okocha and of this guy both were marvellous and its hard to pick Okocha or this guy lets enjoy watching

  5. The First game was against Napoli in 2010…..and it was his birthday (21/03) i can still remember watching that game in front of the TV

  6. I never knew he was this complete..I mean….he can pass,dribble,powerful shots,can even get ball back….man he deserve the 👏

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