Trent's incredible story from the streets around Melwood to his Liverpool debut

Watch a special interview with Trent Alexander-Arnold as he discusses the journey from West Derby, to making his Liverpool debut against Tottenham Hotspur in 2017.

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34 opiniones en “Trent's incredible story from the streets around Melwood to his Liverpool debut”

  1. When he talks about being in the history whether it is one game or one thousand, it reminds me of Stevie G talking about playing for Liverpool once was the dream and everything else was a bonus. Both quality lads and love to see the similarities

  2. Literally if I had the opportunity to spend one hour with anyone who I admired I’d say Trent within a split second seems like such a lush a down to earth guy and even when I walked pasted him in person in a hotel literally made me starstruck like for me I love him more for the journey from being a normal Liverpool boy to becoming a Liverpool legend and world class player ❤️☺️??

  3. What an absolute baller. He’s just unbelievable, his passing, his crosses, up and down the line all game. His set pieces. 1 of my favourite players at Liverpool. I just love the kid

  4. Absolutely love him! And I remember saying to my dad when he made his debut ‘soon he’ll be our main right back’ and my dad said ‘hmm ya reckon?’ … our scouser ?? TRENT

  5. I think LFC should cash in on TTA ASAP.
    Can get £50-£70m , and as an academy player, it’ll be a lot of profit.

  6. LFC gives me life that I need. I'm from the states and my mum is from England. Growing up I remember going to Manchester and driving past Old Trafford. I thought I was going to be a MU fan but when I discovered Liverpool that all changed. There's magic at LFC and I'm so happy to be a supporter until my last breath. I'm a proud Red from NJ, USA!

  7. Trent is a class act, fan living a fans dream with hard work. We as fans now need to support this lad in his dark times as well as his good ones, YNWA trent, Alexander Arnold-the scouser in our team! ??

  8. You are an amazing player, I cant forget the Liverpool/Barcelona game and that final goal you assisted from the corner.

  9. People with a rough brought up in life always tends to do best in life because they will do their best to not go back to how it was and would not want their children to suffer what they did.

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