Liverpool can do with Darwin Nunez what they did with Luis Diaz – Ale Moreno | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew debate the rumors surrounding Darwin Nunez and Liverpool and Manchester United.

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20 opiniones en “Liverpool can do with Darwin Nunez what they did with Luis Diaz – Ale Moreno | ESPN FC”

  1. He wouldn't go to manu as they're not in CL football competition and likely won't be for at least another season.

  2. Mane leaves with best wishes – he was brilliant for the Reds… brings in 35-40 million pounds. Which means Nunez in for 68 million less 35/40 means Nunez costs 33 to 38 million upfront, plus add ons based on performance which is fine as it will be earned and generate revenue for Liverpool….. That is good business to get a fresh talent in who can be shaped to the Liverpool way building on his natural talents. Perfect squad refresh strategy…

  3. Lol same these bulshiter in the studio were talking about oh Liverpool wage structure bla bla and one bigger than the club ,when it comes to salah and mane they run their mouths with craps about wages and now Liverpool signing almost 80m deal ,salah and mane hooey guys leave this bulshit club asap

  4. This Ogden guy just said that Nunez chose Liverpool over united because united is stocked with attacker's and it will be easier for him to start in Liverpools first team. Christ…

  5. The biggest mistake Liverpool made is thinking that they can compare Luis Dias to a club legend like sadio mane hes good but he is overrated sadio mane has been severely disrespected by Liverpool

  6. The only source who are trustable are Jules and Gab in ESPPN, i dont really trust this guy Mark's sources if its not about Man Utd.

  7. No top draw or good players should choose Liverpool over Manchester United. If Manchester United comes calling then Nunez can sigh for them with his eyes firmly closed.

  8. If the player come from the portuguese ligue it's because he's prepared to compete in Europe, don't doubt.

  9. I have a better player who fit the same profile,Is more technical is premier league proven and was already at Liverpool…Devok Origi.. 100m wasted .

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