20 opiniones en “Liverpool FC supporters singing in Paris city center – 27 may 2022 before Real Madrid / Liverpool FC”

  1. And if, finally, the french politician Zemmour was right?

    Entire areas controlled by scum where the police (when they are present) are completely out of order…but the other politicians are in denial for their political agenda.

    The real France is revealed to the world!!!

  2. If this match had been held in St. Petersburg (as originally planned), there would definitely not have been such a mess.

  3. The bin dippers of E ngland went back crying ,they really thought their overhyping medias and their big mouth will win them another cl after the one gifted by fifa 3 yrs ago ,their fraud one tactic managers and their runners got busted again they have nothing to do in a football pitch ,put a low block in front of them and they start crying ,haha

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